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Did You Know...

... that HF Bad Boys and HF Chicks both posted new record averages at the indoor nationals?

Czech Open Indoor Nationals 2018
posted May 7th, 2018 - The latest scores on the SKYLEAGUE.COM leaderboard were posted on the April 28 weekend after the Czech Open Indoor Nationals 2018. New numbers from the outdoor season openers in Great Britain and Southern California will soon be added if the weather cooperated at the meet locations.

The HF Chicks, reigning FAI bronze medalist of the Indoor World Meet 2017, posted a new team record in a 10-round meet with the 23.4 average, which would have been enough in the past to outscore the Czech national team in 4-way Open, HF Bad Boys, who had a 23.3 average in their books until the national indoor championships.

However, the Bad Boys were back to their top performance level just in time to defend the national indoor title successfully. The 24.4 average was also a new team record in the 8-year indoor history of the Bad Boys.

HF Flying Circus, who have been on the heels of both Czech national teams in 4-way Open and 4-way Women, could not keep up on this new Czech record level where HF Chicks and Bad Boys were pushing each other to the record numbers round by round.

Czech Open Indoor Nationals 2018
RankAAA Class8,D,Q,H12,19,15M,E,K,2O,3,61,9,AG,20,2213,11,5F,B,21,164,L,7J,10,N,PTotalAvg
1HF Bad Boys CZ 29  19  31  24  24  19  19  29  24  26   24424.4
2HF Chicks CZ 28  18  29-124  26  19  17  26-124  23   23423.4
3HF Flying Circus CZ 26-118  29  18-221  17  18  24  22  23  21621.6
4Skydive University Slovakia SK 23  15  28  21  22-114  14  21  21  21  20020.0
5Sky.... CZ 19  13-124  15-119  12-112-120  16  18  16816.8
6Elements CZ 16-110-120  12  16  10-19  8  9-112  12212.2
7Accord CZ 15  10  19  10-114-19  8  11-112  12  12012.0
RankAA ClassL,B,D,61,209,P,19Q,4,15H,F,14A,C,18O,21,22M,11,82,7J,K,13TotalAvg
1HF Cubs CZ 25-117  28  17-226  22-119  17-121  19  21121.1
2FS ONE BE 19  10  15  13  19  13  13  14  15  11  14214.2
3Mimozemky CZ 19  9  13-111-116  12  12-113-112-19-112612.6
RankA Class9,21G,O,819,B4,HN,M,D6,7F,P,QE,J,L2,CA,K,OTotalAvg
1HF Flying Rebels CZ 12  13  11  12  15-113  19-115-111  18  13913.9
2HF Chameleons CZ 7-35-28  7  9  8  10  9-15  8  767.6
1HF Dragonflies CZ 22-112  21  22  15-316  17-19-217  22  17317.3
2J-Elita CZ 8-28-110-29  9  9  7  8-15-38-1818.1
Back with team record average: HF Bad Boys
It was not a significantly faster competition draw that generated the new record numbers, as HF Flying Circus finished below their 22+ average that they had posted at the World Challenge 2018. The 10-round draw at the Czech indoor championships brought 19 of the 22 blocks to the teams, including five of the six slot switchers, and no super sequences offered opportunities to boost the meet averages.

HF Bad Boys were just back in best shape with good timing, even though they almost surprised themselves, as team member Jan Klapka said.

It was in November 2017 when the team had the complete lineup available for the first time after a long time period with alternate Jaroslav Smitka and other substitutes in training and competition. The reunion of the complete lineup in November 2017 generated the previous 23.3 team record average.

Once again, only three Bad Boys were available at the next four meets, where HF Flying Circus members were helping out at the four meets of the World Tunnel League at the Hurricane Factory between January and April 2018.

Indoor and outdoor history of the HF Bad Boys since 2005
Coming soon: 2018 outdoor season
The complete Bad Boys lineup was back together for the trip to Norway and the FAI European Indoor Championship 2018. This reunion did not turn out well, as team members fell sick, and the Bad Boys could not even complete the meet. The competition for the Czech team in Norway was over after Round 3.

The sick Bad Boys needed some time to recover before they could prepare again for the national indoor championships. They were obviously back in great shape and surprised themselves somehow with the new team record average.

The team history of the HF Bad Boys began in 2005, and the chart is showing how helpful the opening of the Hurricane Factory has also been for the team itself. The outdoor performance was on a down-slope when the wind tunnel in Prague opened the doors in 2011. The Bad Boys soon reversed the direction, while 4-way competition in the Czech Republic has seen an impressive progression ever since.

The 24.4 was a new indoor record for the HF Bad Boys at the end of the indoor winter season, and it is now time to work on the outdoor numbers in the summer season...

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