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Did You Know...

... that nothing has changed between Airbus FSZ Saar and AtomiX-YUU?

AAA Class awards at German Nationals 2013
posted Apr 21st, 2018 - The NSL News recently featured the indoor competition between three Germans teams who are eligible for FAI/IPC's 4-way Women event and posted their scores on two different leaderboards on the "German World Challenge weekend".

The same article mentioned that not much changed on the top level of German 4-way competition, where Airbus FSZ Saar and AtomiX-YUU have been distancing themselves from the rest of the field of 4-way teams in the past years. However, this duel always offers exciting competition and enough drama to catch regular attention by the NSL News.

The Airbus-AtomiX duel in Germany began when AtomiX was formed in 2013 and began the uphill travel towards the German top level that different Airbus teams and members have been representing for many years. The chart with the scores of both teams at the same events since 2013 is showing how the challenger has been getting closer year by year and became a serious opponent in 2017.

However, the last direct confrontation at the German Indoor Nationals did not change the scoring relationship between both teams, as the NSL News mentioned briefly, even though the difference of the total number of points was higher compared to the last meet that both teams attended, the German Outdoor Nationals 2017.

German Indoor Nationals 2018
RankAAA Class4,D,M,K18,15,17N,2,10B,Q,12,OJ,5,F,223,20,L9,7,CH,A,E,1611,8,21P,G,14,19TotalAvg
1AIRBUS FSZ SAAR31192026242033271822 24024.0
2AtomiX-YUU Skydive26181926232025301923 22922.9
German Outdoor Nationals 2017
RankAAA ClassP,D,3,1613,14,9F,11,N,2J,7,517,4,MB,8,1822,Q,O,20K,10,15E,1,G,6A,L,19,21TotalAvg
1Airbus FSZ Saar1916202220171715182018418.4
2AtomiX YUU Skydive1815182218161715181917617.6
FAI World Cup 2017
RankAAA ClassL,O,F,K,11C,3,713,2,G1,17,20------TotalAvg
6Airbus 27 21 17 15------8020.0
12AtomiX YUU19191315------6616.5
Scoring relationship and history between Airbus FSZ Saar and AtomiX-YUU since 2013
AAA Class awards at German Nationals 2017
Both teams had different lineups when they started the duel of the coming years in 2013, and they both had their latest personnel changes at the beginning of the 2017 season.

Thomas Mack and Goeran Meyer joined forces with two German 4-way champions of 2013, Markus Bastuck and Joern Thiele, while Andreas Troegele continued on camera for Airbus.

Mark Zimmermann joined original AtomiX members Andrea Kleinschmidt, Peter Ingenhaag, Holger Sass and Lars Naeve (camera) at the same time.

The distance first increased at the FAI World Cup 2017 in Saarlouis, as Mark Zimmermann came from a significantly lower scoring level, while the new Airbus members stepped in for their new team as highly experienced German top performers on their home turf.

However, the 2017 situation was already completely different just three weeks later at the German national championships, where AtomiX reduced the distance like never before, benefiting from a weaker performance of the German national 4-way team, who still qualified for the FAI World Meet 2018 in Australia.

German Indoor Nationals 2018
RankAAA Class4,D,M,K18,15,17N,2,10B,Q,12,OJ,5,F,223,20,L9,7,CH,A,E,1611,8,21P,G,14,19TotalAvg
1AIRBUS FSZ SAAR31  19  20  26  24  20-133  27-318-122-1 24024.0
2AtomiX-YUU Skydive26  18-119-126  23-120  25-330  19  23   22922.9
3SKYNAMITE25  14  19  20  19  18  27  28  17  11   19819.8
4Chilly Pink Tigers22  14  14  21  19  11  22  24  15  18   18018.0
54 xmpl FSZ Kassel16  10  12  11  16  13  21  19  11  13  14214.2
AtomiX-YUU at the German Indoor Nationals 2018
Eight months later, not much has changed between both teams, as the difference of eleven points at the indoor competition in April proportionally equals the 8-point difference at last year's national outdoor championship.

Airbus had attended one indoor competition, the Belgian Indoor Nationals 2017, before competing at the first German national indoor championship, while AtomiX posted the team's first indoor scores in Bottrop after three hours of wind tunnel training. AtomiX had the complete lineup available only late this year, as one team member had to leave the country earlier for work reasons.

Both teams will focus on outdoor competition for the remainder of the 2018 season. First they will both prepare for the national championships, where AtomiX will try again to take the top position in Germany. Then they will go different directions, as only one national 4-way team represents each country at the FAI World Championship.

Airbus will compete for Germany in Australia, while AtomiX plans to collect scoring points for the German 4-way delegation at the annual ESL Championship, which will be hosted once again on Airbus home turf in Saarlouis. AtomiX is the defending ESL AAA Class champion.

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