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Did You Know...

... that HF Flying Circus has targets, goals and duels?

HF Flying Circus at the World Challenge 2018
posted Apr 20th, 2018 - There was a time when HF Flying Circus from the Czech Republic was pursuing the 20+ indoor scoring benchmark, as the NSL News reported several times. That was not too long ago since the team entered the AAA Class world only at the beginning of the 2017 season. Little over a year later, the team is well settled on a significantly higher level.

It was the team's third visit at Bedford for the World Challenge 2018, after winning the Rookie Class in 2015 and an 18th place in the AAA Class last year. The 12th place this month with a 22.2 average was not enough yet to make the last cut and the Top 9. However, it seems to be only a matter of time when the young Czech team will be in contention for a slot in the final round.

The NSL News had the opportunity to introduce HF Flying Circus live on World Challenge TV, and the team is already defining the next target. NFTO was the last team making the final cut with a 24.4 average, and the Flying Circus members had their eyes on the British team and the performance level.

HF Flying Circus also has two special duels going on that help to keep the motivation on the highest level. The Belgian team Jetmax has been sharing the road from the Rookie Class to the AAA Class with the Czech team, and they have developed a friendly rivalry over the last three years.

World Challenge 2018
RankAAA Class10,H,F,1320,6,2212,1,114,M,G,J9,B,P,AN,C,8,3K,7,L,D18,19,145,Q,2115,16,OTotalAvg
1NMP-PCH HayabusaBE3125253862324726313234934.9
2Weembi Mix MFFR2925244059334527323134534.5
3Arizona AirspeedUS2924233559264324332832432.4
5ACM WeembiUK2421212948213621252326926.9
6Gavroche WeembiFR2317173146253521262626726.7
7ISR FireFlashBE2317202845273521252426526.5
10Odin Parachute SystemFR221918264423301923-22424.9
12HF Flying CircusCZ201717244020(-1)25(-5)1720(-1)-200(-7)22.2
15Les Affranchis Flyzone FR171515243515281715-18120.1
15Jazz RepublicZA161515243018281619-18120.1
20Chicas RecycledDE1715142328182714--15619.5
21FlySpot Sky4FourPL1613172525192515--15519.4
23Le 4 CretinsFR1715122129152515--14918.6
25Pajama PumasUK1615152023182415--14618.3
25Aggrieved BucaneersUK1714132029162215--14618.3
30Skydive University SlovakiaSK18(-1)1510(-4)2321(-6)17(-1)17(-5)15--136(-17)17.0
34Salty JacksUK1112101622111811--11113.9
35White SquallFR11981418111211--9411.8
The relationship with HF Bad Boys is very similar and even more special. Jetmax is pushing Flying Circus from behind so far, while Bad Boys have been the target ahead. Bad Boys member Jan Klapka, Jakub Klapka's father, is helping Flying Circus as much as he can with 4-way experiences and knowledge that he has been collecting with Bad Boys
and his team's coaches.

HF Flying Circus and Bad Boys were fighting it out once again little over a week after the World Challenge in Bedford, this time on their home turf, the Hurricane Factory in Prague.

Bad Boys had skipped the trip to Bedford, as all other Czech 4-way teams, to compete at the FAI European Indoor Championship in Norway right after the World Challenge.

Unfortunately, some Bad Boys fell ill in Norway and could not finish the meet after completing four rounds. The situation was still the same at the April meet of the World Tunnel League, and two Flying Circus members (Dagmar Bezdekov√°, Lukas Kaderabek) helped out by working the center slots for two Bad Boys (Mari√°n Jeziak, Jan Klapka).

The health situation was bad luck for Bad Boys in Norway and in Prague, and Flying Circus had no problem this time to win the Czech AAA Class duel with their complete lineup.

FAI European Indoor Championship 2018
RankAAA ClassG,12,20F,16,22N,E,D,2117,L,418,14,O19,2,57,15,Q6,B,M,PK,11,98,H,J,CTotalAvg
1Aerodyne RealflyFR2529393126263245333832432.4
2Black CatRU2331363225263246303531631.6
6ACM WeembiUK1924292420222935252825525.5
7FlySpot Sky4FourPL1618201917162125212019319.3
8Skydive University SlovakiaSK141821(-1)1715(-1)14(-1)19(-1)272125191(-4)19.1
10HF Bad BoysCZ16(-1)22(-2)2221(-1)------81(-4)20.3
HF Flying Circus and Skydive University Slovakia in Bedford
Skydive University Slovakia even attended all three meets, ten rounds in Bedford, ten rounds in Norway and ten rounds in Prague, for a total of 30 meet rounds within less than two weeks.

It's the first year for the team in the AAA Class, and they have competed at eight 10-round meets since November 2017. This is a new attendance record in the history of 4-way competition.

Skydive University Slovakia started with a 16.3 average at the first AAA Class meet, after one meet in the A Class and one year with nine meets in the AA Class. It is no surprise that the same lineup is now knocking on the 20-average door, just as HF Flying Circus did at the end of the team's first AAA Class year.

The 19.1 average in Norway was the team's highest result so far, after a 2-point battle with Poland's national team in 4-way Open, FlySpot Sky4Four. Too many infringements at the World Challenge (16 in eight rounds) had kept the Slovakian team from posting their top scores in Bedford. They learned the lesson and finished with only four point deductions at the FAI European Indoor Championship. The Czech indoor winter season is over now, and the teams will focus on outdoor competition and the Indoor Cloud League battle with Paraclete XP...

World Tunnel League April 2018
RankAAA ClassC,7,F,321,16,156,L,17A,G,18,K5,11,JH,D,9,E14,13,M8,12,O19,1,N4,Q,22TotalAvg
1HF Flying Circus2419222321311817181821121.1
2HF Bad Boys2317222018281615171519119.1
3Skydive University Slovakia2017211917281616161718718.7
RankAA ClassE,7,1521,146,L,KA,G,1811,J,BH,D,92,138,O,M19,14,Q,22TotalAvg
1HF Cubs2118232217331220151519619.6
2M Team12131514132381591113313.3
RankA ClassO,N,621,CL,K,7A,G,EJ,B,FH,D,92,P8,M19,O4,QTotalAvg
3HF Flying Rebels11121214211491171012112.1
4HF Chameleons77561055435575.7
1High Five2118171922132220191919019.0
2HF Dragonflies15138612591189969.6
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