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Did You Know...

... that the French delegation and Qatar Tigers have started their Shamrock Showdown training in DeLand?

Realfly Sion with coach Mathieu Bernier in DeLand
posted Mar 9th, 2018 - The preparations for the first major outdoor competition this year, the Shamrock Showdown 2018, are now in full swing at Skydive DeLand.

French Weembi Girls, Realfly Sion and Qatar Tigers have started their training camps leading into the competition and enjoy beautiful Florida spring weather. The foreign visitors will be ready to take on the two top U.S. teams who will arrive later next week.

The U.S. delegation will also include two strong pickup teams. Two Mass Defiance members, Jim Rees (Outside Center) and Ben Liston (Inside Center) join forces with Ian Pedowitz (Point) and Jimmy Xu (Tail) who are both training in Arizona on a regular basis. Arizona Airspeed members Ari Perelman and Mikhail Markine are their player coaches when they are not busy with their own team.

That's obviously not the case at the Shamrock Showdown when Airspeed needs the top performance level to hold off the French national 4-way teams and the Qatar Tigers.

Shamrock Showdown 2018
March 16 - 18 at Skydive DeLand
Shamrock Showdown Information
Skydive DeLand has confirmed the availability of a Cessna Caravan, beginning on March 1st through the competition, and as needed after the meet.
Participating teams pay $22 per jump ticket for training before and after the meet. Let us know that your team is planning to attend and tell us your
team's preference for the jump plane: Twin Otter or Cessna Caravan. Please send an e-mail as soon as possible.

Shamrock Showdown 201812345678910TotalAvg
1Arizona AirspeedUS------------
1SDC Rhythm XPUS------------
1French Weembi GirlsFR------------
1Qatar TigersQA------------
1SCZ ZEUSUS------------
1FL DefianceUS------------
1Adventure FlyersPY------------

$2,000 Prize Money - $1,000 for Winner - $1,000 for the Skins Game

French 8-way training in DeLand
The other U.S. team consists of four regulars at the Indoor Cloud League events in Tampa and Orlando.

SCZ ZEUS founder Amer Kassas has recruited Sally Hathaway-Craig, Erica Gorski and James Hall for one of the strongest ZEUS lineups so far. Erica Gorski and James Hall were in the lineup that won the Ultimate NSL Championship 2018 for ZEUS, with Airspeed's player coach Ari Perelman.

Ari Perelman is neither available for FL Defiance nor for ZEUS in DeLand, and Sally Hathaway-Craig is stepping in for him.

The members of both teams will then continue in different ways after the Shamrock Showdown. The same SDC ZEUS lineup that competed at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018 (Alex Jordaan, Amer Kassas, Ian Pedowitz, Jimmy Xu) has made plans for the 2018 season.

French Indoor Nationals 2018
1Weembi GirlsFR-------------
2Qatar FalconsQA-------------
3Veloce QRF IN -------------
5Shamalairlouche Clermont FR-------------
6Monaco SkyDream TeamMC-------------
8Witbiz BonduesFR-------------
9Project Ride the DragonUK-------------
10PCP Coyotes JCMFR-------------
World champion team mates, coaches and friends: Mathieu Bernier, Jeremie Rollett
The two French national 4-way teams in DeLand seem to have new and different plans for the 2018 season, as well.

The NSL News took photos of the French teams when they joined forces for 8-way training.

France does not have a dedicated national 8-way team yet for the FAI World Meet 2018 in Australia, and the two very strong 4-way teams would be a great foundation for a new French 8-way team. Christine Malnis and Sophia Pecout are well trained 8-way competitors with their indoor team, the Weembi Girls, who are on top of the NSL Power Ranking for the French Indoor Nationals 2018.

French national coach Mathieu Bernier, who is coaching both teams in DeLand, did not confirm any 8-way plans though. He is meeting his former team mate Jeremie Rollett every day now, who is coaching the Qatar Tigers. They have won FAI 4-way and 8-way gold medals together between 2006 and 2010...

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