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Did You Know...

... that SCZ ZEUSpeed won the NSL Shugar Cup at the first NSL Ultimate 4-way Championship?

NSL Indoor Championship 2017
posted Dec 12th, 2017 - This year's NSL Championship event offered a new format for the teams and competitors who did not have enough of 4-way competition at the end of the 2017 season.

It was a combination of indoor and outdoor competition for the first time. The intensive meet weekend began with the 10-round indoor part at iFLY Tampa on Thursday evening, which was also Florida's November part of the World Tunnel League at the same time. The NSL News had provided a WTL summary with the complete leaderboard on 7 December 2017.

Eight of the teams on the WTL November leaderboard were a part of the NSL Indoor Championship 2017, and four of them added ten more competition rounds to the weekend's 4-way agenda in Florida's Tampa area. Skydive City hosted the NSL Outdoor Championship, which began on the afternoon of the next day in Zephyrhills, 30 minutes away from iFLY Tampa.

The participating teams were familiar with the competition draw, as the same one of the NSL Indoor Championship would be applied for the ten outdoor rounds. Only one team did not compete at iFLY Tampa and studied the ten sequences only for the outdoor competition. All teams could still prepare the meet rounds ahead of time, as the ten rounds were also identical with the World Tunnel League draw for November.

NSL Indoor 2017
RankAAA ClassH,15,G,1718,F,14E,9,M,6P,D,A,K,117,16,3B,21,O,5J,N,10,4C,1,1213,2,1920,8,22TotalAvg
1Kickers 2.01516242117201514131416916.9
2SCZ ZEUS 4.21514242315201515111216416.4
3SCZ ZEUS 2.21011171714131110101012312.3
RankAA ClassH,15,18F,14,GE,9,MP,D,A,K7,6B,21,OJ,N,4C,1,112,198,22TotalAvg
2SCZ ZEUS Evolve121524211517148111114814.8
3Hands Full139161411111087610510.5
1Tunnel Vision915910101215910810710.7
2Nothing But Net61210111089757858.5
AA Indoor and Outdoor champion: Simba
Midwest Skydiving League team CSC Get A Grip made the long trip from Illinois to Florida and was the only team that had decided to focus only on the ten outdoor rounds.

It turned out that Becky Johns, Melissa Moore, Anne Webster and Josh Hitchcock, with Tom Starz on camera, had to be ready for a fierce competition with one of Skydive City's home teams, SCZ ZEUS Evolve.

The 1-point battle was decided in the very last round when both teams ended up tied after Round 9.

A different and more experienced Evolve lineup (Kanishka Perera, Bob Byrne, James Hall, Sebastian Jimenez) had competed in the AA Class competition of the NSL Indoor Championship.

Only Kanishka Perera was back for the ten outdoor rounds in the A Class. Bill Bickner, Phil Curtis and Bob Palatka completed Evolve's outdoor lineup, with Randy Hickey on camera.

Simba was the only team with identical lineups at indoor and outdoor events both, even though Hands Full was close with only one change in the lineup. Paul Bertorelli did the inside center outdoor job for Rebecca Maureen who had completed the ten indoor rounds for Hands Full in the same slot.

NSL Outdoor 2017
RankAAA ClassH,15,G,1718,F,14E,9,M,6P,D,A,K,117,16,3B,21,O,5J,N,10,4C,1,1213,2,1920,8,22TotalAvg
1SCZ ZeuSpeed11111817141410128912412.4
RankAA ClassH,15,18F,14,GE,9,MP,D,A,K7,6B,21,OJ,N,4C,1,112,198,22TotalAvg
2Hands Full571411796767797.9
RankA ClassH,G,21F,M,KE,9P,D,A7,6B,O,LJ,N,4C,Q,H2,198,GTotalAvg
1SCZ ZEUS Evolve61248386844636.3
2CSC Get A Grip41065595855626.2

Simba, with team member Naila Novaronti from Indonesia in the lineup, had won the A Class competition at the NSL Championship 2016 and moved up into the AA Class this year.

AAA Indoor and Outdoor champion: SCZ ZEUS
Player coach Robert Chromy had prepared the team well for the championship event with three previous 2017 meets, and the 16.3 average for the ten indoor rounds is a new team record.

Simba and Hands Full both completed all 20 rounds of the NSL Championship 2017 in the same category, and Simba won 18 of them.

Hands Full managed to tie one indoor round and eventually won the very last one, Round 10 of the outdoor competition.

SCZ ZEUS won the NSL Shugar Cup for the AAA Class winner at the team's 9th 4-way competition this year, which was the first AAA Class meet at the same time. ZEUS competed in the AA Class all year before Arizona Airspeed member Ari Perelman announced his visit to Florida.

ZEUS founder Amer Kassas recruited the new U.S. 4-way champion as the player coach for his NSL Championship lineup.

His indoor team mate Erica Gorski joined for the AAA Class competition, and James Hall completed the outdoor lineup. ZEUS won the NSL Shugar Cup with a combined indoor/outdoor 14.4 average, and the trophy stays for another year at Skydive City.

NSL Championship 2017
RankAAA ClassH,15,G,1718,F,14E,9,M,6P,D,A,K,117,16,3B,21,O,5J,N,10,4C,1,1213,2,1920,8,22TotalAvg
1SCZ ZEUSIndoor1514242315201515111216416.4
Roster: Bob Byrne (Tail), Erica Gorski (Point), Sally Hathaway (Outside Center), Amer Kassas (Inside Center)
1SCZ ZEUSOutdoor11111817141410128912412.4
Roster: Patrick Fortune (Video), Erica Gorski (Point), James Hall (Tail), Amer Kassas (Inside Center), Ari Perelman (Outside Center)28814.4
RankAA ClassH,15,18F,14,GE,9,MP,D,A,K7,6B,21,OJ,N,4C,1,112,198,22TotalAvg
Roster: Trevor Cedar (Inside Center), Robert Chromy (Outside Center), Naila Novaronti (Point), Jimmy Xu (Tail)
Roster: Trevor Cedar (Inside Center), Robert Chromy (Outside Center), Brad Hunt (Video), Ryan Jenkins (Video), Naila Novaronti (Point), Jimmy Xu (Tail)25812.9

2Hands FullIndoor139161411111087610510.5
Roster: Emily Bombardi (Point), Ed Ganley (Outside Center), Rebbeca Maureen (Inside Center), Brian Turk (Tail)
2Hands FullOutdoor571411796767797.9
Roster: Paul Bertorelli (Inside Center), Emily Bombardi (Point), Ed Ganley (Outside Center), Brian Raeder (Video), Brian Turk (Tail)1849.2
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