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Did You Know...

... that the Best of February video features the Indoor Cloud League top performances?

iFLY Seattle's Indoor Cloud League team in February
posted Mar 10th, 2018 - iFLY Seattle and iFLY Dallas were the last Indoor Cloud League teams with submissions for the February competition, and the leaderboards are complete. iFLY Seattle had one event for the participants last month to generate the scores for four of the six ICL sequences, and two teams flew separately at different times to turn in the A and AAA scores.

Deb Correia reported from Seattle that Block 1 was a huge challenge for her AA Class team. Seattle Swift posted the 16-pointer for the AAA Class sequence, while team member Djordje Mandaric player-coached the AA Class lineup (Nat Mote, Ryan Bartling, Jeramy Eggum) through the technically challenging sequence.

The iFLY Seattle team also welcomed back new 4-way competitor Ryan Bartling who participated for the first time in January. He started in a Rookie Class lineup, but proved quickly that he was much too skilled for the beginner category. He was then successfully promoted into AA and AAA Class lineups in February. Deb Correia said that "he is a great addition to the group".

NWSL and Indoor Cloud League judge Bill Selig had his hands full at the February event. He flew with two groups due to a last-minute cancellation. Fortunately, both groups were performing the same sequences, and he had the same slot in both lineups. On top of that, he also organized a group separately that submitted the highscore for the A Class sequence. Deb Correia said that she and her team "very much appreciate all of his efforts, and those of all coaches each month".

iFLY Seattle - FebruaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Seattle Swift16-----16
Nat Mote, Ryan Bartling, Jeramy Eggum, Djordje Mandaric-8(-1)----8
Babs Selig, Bill Selig, Olga Nikolova, Randy Barbee--14---14
Bill Selig, Babs Selig, Gary Dutton, Denis Pershakov---16--16
Erik Byng, John Hausman, Deb Correia, Bill Selig---16---
Slavko Bato Pesic, Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster, Dave Correia, Steve Platt----1916(-2)35

iFLY Seattle's Best of February1681416191689

Technically challenging sequence: iFLY Seattle's AA Class lineup
Phoenix XP member Amanda Lampton had six different teams at iFLY Dallas last month, and her fellow coaches and former Dallas 350 team mates Scott Levy and Lucas King were not available to help this time.

Genifer Oliver, Kyle Hermberg, Lacey and Zach Breaux assisted her to guide all participants through the February sequences. Four of the six teams combined for the total of 82 points, and the AA Class lineup had similar troubles with the same sequence as the iFLY Seattle team.

Amanda Lampton had performed the same AAA/AA sequences with her team Phoenix XP for Paraclete's Indoor Cloud League team, as the NSL News had reported on 6 March 2018. It is impossible for her iFLY Dallas team to keep up with the indoor powerhouse in Raeford, who finished in the top spot of the 14+ leaderboard for the 4th consecutive month.

iFLY Seattle and iFLY Dallas were separated by only seven points in February, which is still increasing the Seattle lead after the January competition. iFLY Tampa submitted scores for all six categories this time and has moved ahead of iFLY Dallas on the 2018 leaderboard.

iFLY Dallas - FebruaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Lacey Breaux, Zach Breaux, Michael Erickson, Donaldo Grajeda119----20
Amanda Lampton, Rodrigo Falla, Joe Cox, Scott Kucel--15---15
Genifer Oliver, Melody Storm, Christine Brownmiller, Robin Cannon---17--17
Zach Breaux, Lacey Breaux, Rob Parker, John Farris----141630
Genifer Oliver, Kyle Hermberg, Dave DuMais, Howie Stevens-------
Amanda Lampton, Kyle Hermberg, Kayleigh Bowers, Scott Zarse-------

iFLY Dallas' Best of February1191517141682

R Class highscore in February: Flybox Israel
The Best of February video is featuring all teams who posted the highest scores of the month. This time, there were even four categories with identical sequences, as Block 7 is a part of the dive pools for 12+ and 14+ flying chambers both.

The A Class lineups at Paraclete and in both Florida locations all posted 21-pointers for a 3-team highscore tie. Three teams also ended up tied for the AA Class sequence on the 12+ leaderboard only. The competition between the same three ICL teams was very close in the AAA Class, as well.

Once again, all three Rookie Class sequences were identical, and Czech team Mimozemky posted the only highscore for the Hurricane Factory in February.

The iFLY Sacramento team posted the RR Class highscore in the smaller flying chamber, while the highest R Class score came from Israel. The Flybox team had won a category only once in June 2017 (RR) since joining the Indoor Cloud League. Congratulations to Israel for the new highscore in the R Class.

Indoor Cloud League 2018
RankFebruary 14+D,1,K,12D,1,18D,K,7P,B,OM,D,KM,DTotal
1Paraclete XPUS 23 22 21 25 17 17125
2Hurricane FactoryCZ 19 19 19 27 19 17120
3iFLY TampaUS 14 15 21 24 17 16107
4iFLY SeattleUS 16 8 14 16 19 1689
5iFLY DallasUS 11 9 15 17 14 1682
6Flybox IsraelIL-- 15 17 17 2372
RankFebruary 12+D,9,K,16D,9,21D,K,7P,B,OM,D,KM,DTotal
1iFLY SacramentoUS 23 19 16 15 22 22117
2iFLY SF BayUS 22 19 16 17 16 11101
3iFLY OrlandoUS 22 19 21 12 13 13100
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