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Did You Know...

... that iFLY Sacramento and iFLY SF Bay have been taking turns on the top of the ICL 12+ leaderboard since October?

Dallas 350 at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship
image by: Sean Van Acker
posted Mar 7th, 2018 - The February leaderboards of the Indoor Cloud League are almost complete. Scores and videos from iFLY Dallas may still be added.

Organizer Amanda Lampton and her ICL coaches Scott Levy and Lucas King were busy with their teams for and at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2018, which has delayed the process of submitting scores and videos.

Amanda Lampton competed with Phoenix XP in Raeford, while Scott Levy and Lucas King are back together with a new Dallas 350 lineup. The NSL News will soon follow up with more information and details.

The Indoor Cloud League teams from Northern California added their February scores and videos to the leaderboard, and iFLY Sacramento had the upper hand this time. Both teams have been taking turns in the top spot since October 2017, and iFLY SF Bay won the first competition of the 2018 season. Northern California Skydiving League director Lori Connor attended the events at both locations and provided more details.

iFLY Sacramento - FebruaryAAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Jason Russell, Steven Walker, Matt Stephens, Lori Connor (DeLoreans)2319----42
Ron Ashcraft, John Verley, Lisa Larkin, Calli Waltrip (ErrSpeed)-1516---16
Monty Stephens, Russ Hebert, Keith Clayton, James Cain--1215--15
McKenzie Brown, Reed Lawson, Lori Connor, Matt Stephens----222244

iFLY Sacramento's Best of February231916152222117

Too many player coaches: SF Bay Feb Rookies

Written by Lori Connor

February began with Ethan DeLano directing the World Tunnel League meet at iFLY SF Bay where three teams flew the 6-round February draw. The scores were reported earlier in the month, and the NSL news story on February 18th stated "that the February leaderboard of the World Tunnel League was a AA Class Scramble"!

Congrats to the NCSL's 2Pairs with its 17.2 average who took 2nd place on the leaderboard. The SF Bay Feb Rookies almost did not get to compete at the WTL meet when team member Michael Stephens suffered a shoulder injury while flying an earlier rotation the same evening.

Team mate Mika Miettinen took Michael to the hospital which left Ray Hebert and Elan Moyal needing two flyers to field the team. Ethan DeLano and Jessica Lee had their AA Class team 2Pairs, and both stepped in to fly double rotations for both teams. The SF Bay February Rookies scored well with an 18.2 average and it's 22-pointer in Round 1 was also the highscore for SF Bay's ICL RRR Class. However, the lineup had too many player coaches for this category, and another team ended up on the February ICL leaderboard.

ICL player coaches are defined as players scoring 17+ in AAA during any tunnel meet or 13+ in AAA at any outdoor meet. Both Jessica and Ethan scored 18.2 at their December 2017 WTL meet flying with the Cali4nia Raptors, so according to the ICL rules they both qualify as player coaches and only one could fly with the RRR team. You can check out the full NSL News story.

Mike Deglau, Christina Deglau, Volker Haag, Jim Hopf (Gangnam)2219----41
Achal Asawa, Julius Frank, Deanna Frank, Lori Connor1816-----
Lukasz Weber, Sylvain Florand, Vignesh Elamvazhuthi, Deanna Frank (4tune)-1616---16
Jessica Lee, Lauren Pruett, Ethan DeLano, Mike Deglau-18-----
Mika Miettinen, Mike Beaudreau, Elan Moyal, Volker Haag---17(-1)16-33
Slavik Krassovsky, Whitney Russell-Holcomb, Julius Frank, Lori Connor----101111

iFLY SF Bay's Best of February221916171611101

In good order: DeLoreans
The NCSL was at iFLY Sacramento in the second week of February with it's monthly Tunnel Kicker. Only three teams came out to fly the ICL sequences and the SAC team couldn't field its R/RR lineups.

On the last day of February, McKenzie Brown and Reed Lawson joined player coaches Matt Stephens and Lori Connor and scored 22-pointers in both the R and RR categories. Congrats McKenzie and Reed!

The player coach team aka the DeLoreans, with Matt Stephens, Lori Connor, Jason Russell and Steven Walker, had the highscore among all of the 12' tunnels in AAA with its 23-pointer. All three 12' tunnels scored 19-pointers in AA!

February's third week had the NCSL back over at iFLY SF Bay for its monthly Tunnel Kicker. Mike Deglau, Christina Deglau, Jim Hopf and Volker Haag (aka the Gangnam Team) took the top spots with a 22-pointer in AAA and 19-pointer in AA. The last NCSL event of the month was iFLY SAC's World Tunnel League meet where the DeLoreans and ErrSpeed flew the first six rounds of the February draw. The DeLoreans scored an 18.2 average in AAA which was not high enough to take away any of the top rankings from the Czech teams who had their meet earlier in February. ErrSpeed scored a 14.7 average and added numbers to the AA Class February scramble! Check out the NSL News story. Next up for the NCSL are both tunnels' Tunnel Kickers - 3/8 for Sacramento and 3/15 for SF Bay!

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