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Did You Know...

... that 25 teams posted scores on the November leaderboard of the World Tunnel League?

NSL indoor champion 2017 in AAA: Kickers 2.0
posted Dec 7th, 2017 - The World Tunnel League November competition created the biggest leaderboard in the history of the indoor project.

A total of 25 teams posted scores in all four WTL categories. The Rookie Class applies only one of the three Indoor Cloud League categories (RRR - RR - R) at the WTL meets.

The latest November scores were added after the NSL Indoor Championship 2017, where the ten WTL sequences were applied for the competition draw in Tampa.

All AAA Class teams completed ten rounds, and the three best Czech teams took the three top spots, including the national teams in 4-way Open (HF Bad Boys) and 4-way Women (HF Chicks).

Four teams from three different countries (Hungary, Slovakia, United States) battled for the 4th place behind the Czech teams, and Aladden from Hungary outscored the best two teams from Florida at the Hurricane Factory.

World Tunnel League November 2017
RankAAA ClassH,15,G,1718,F,14E,9,M,6P,D,A,K,117,16,3B,21,O,5J,N,10,4C,1,1213,2,1920,8,22TotalAvg
1HF Bad BoysCZ2524343022272117161723323.3
2HF ChicksCZ2519312822211617171621221.2
3HF Flying CircusCZ2018262319221816151519219.2
5Kickers 2.0US1516242117201514131416916.9
6SCZ ZEUS 4.2US1514242315201515111216416.4
7Skydive UniversitySK1715222017181514121316316.3
8SCZ ZEUS 2.2US1011171714131110101012312.3

SCZ ZEUS 4.2 fended off Slovakia's Skydive University team by one point, and the second SCZ ZEUS lineup had another 1-point competition with the 4th team from the Czech Republic, Accord.

NSL indoor champion 2017 in AA: Simba
The World Tunnel League meet in Florida also crowned the winner of the NSL Indoor Championship 2017. The 2.0 lineup of the Kickers (Leslie Eggenberger - Inside Center, Sally Hathaway - Tail, James Hall - Point, Sebastian Jimenez - Outside Center) and the 4.2 lineup of SCZ Zeus (Erica Gorski - Point, Sally Hathaway - Outside Center, Amer Kassas - Inside Center, Bob Byrne - Tail) were separated by one single point after Round 8 and before the Kickers won two consecutive rounds for the first time in this meet and for the win.

Simba won the AA Class title easily with a new team indoor record average. The 16.3 average was only five points behind the HF Junior Cubs who had posted their scores for ten rounds earlier at the Hurricane Factory. Simba won two rounds and matched the Cubs score for Round 1.

The first AA Class round of the meet also generated the widest spread highscores. Not only HF Cubs and Simba tied their 13-pointers. The team in 8th place, Hands Full, with three team members who had competed at the USPA Nationals 2017 (Emily Bombardi, Ed Ganely, Brian Turk), also scored a 13-pointer in Round 1. Rebecca Maureen, USPA Intermediate Class champion of 2016 with Zhills PreciZion, filled in for Hands Full's Inside Center Tim McKee.

The AA Class rankings of the World Tunnel League had to be adjusted according to the completed number of meet rounds.

World Tunnel League November 2017
RankAA ClassH,15,18F,14,GE,9,MP,D,A,K7,6B,21,OJ,N,4C,1,112,198,22TotalAvg
1HF CubsCZ131829211520(16)(14)(13)(12)11617.1
3SCZ ZEUS EvolveUS121524211517(14)(8)(11)(11)10414.8
4M TeamCZ101323171513(14)(9)(7)(9)9113.0
6Err SpeedUS101321151314----8614.3
8Hands FullUS13916141111(10)(8)(7)(6)7410.5
RankA ClassH,G,21F,M,KE,9P,D,A7,6B,O,LJ,N,4C,Q,H2,198,GTotalAvg
2A TeamUS92512201118----9515.8
3SAC 4AUS817137713----6510.8
4HF Flying RebelsCZ711118911(5)(10)(5)(4)578.1
5HF ChameleonsCZ6119768(4)(5)(6)(6)476.8
1Tunnel VisionUS9159101012(15)(9)(10)(8)6510.7
2Nothing But NetUS6121011108(9)(7)(5)(7)578.5
3Hot FuelUS81412485----518.5
NSL indoor champion 2017 in RRR: Tunnel Vision
Nothing changed in the A Class rankings where the event in Tampa had no participation.

Two Rookie Class teams competed for the NSL 2017 indoor medals, and the all-female Tunnel Vision lineup won the gold medals of the NSL Indoor Championship. Rebecca Maureen absolved double duties and guided the other three 4-way rookies to the 1st place.

The event in Tampa took place on Thursday evening of the NSL Championship weekend. The eight teams completed the ten indoor rounds before the same competition draw would be used for the outdoor competition, as well. The teams that attended both events completed a total of 20 competition rounds between Thursday and Saturday evening.

The NSL Championship 2017 concluded with the combined indoor and outdoor leaderboard and the crowning of the ultimate NSL 4-way champion. The NSL News will follow up soon with scores and updates of the meet combination.

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