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Did You Know...

... that one single point separated the NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi High Rollers pace in Bahrein?

Flight Fighters home in Bahrein
posted Dec 3rd, 2017 - The NSL News reported on 28 October 2017 that NMP PCH HayaBusa fended off the "ultimate Weembi challenge" at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017. The event in Montreal was the most relevant FAI/IPC event of the year, and the Belgians defended their indoor top spot in the world successfully against the Weembi High Rollers.

It may have been the ultimate challenge this year, and it still was not the last one. HayaBusa and High Rollers both added one more very long trip to the 2017 meet agenda and competed once more, this time at the Flight Fighters in Bahrein, host of the FAI Indoor World Cup 2018.

It was the same showdown as at the previous six events that both teams had attended with the same signature lineups, showcasing the very best of what 4-way Formation Skydiving competition has to offer at this point in time.

Both teams once again exchanged blows round by round, and the same team ended up as the winner in this incredible indoor duel that began at the Clash of Champions in November 2015 in Dubai. HayaBusa finished in the top spot with an 8-point advantage this time, after the better performance on the second meet day.

Flight Fighters
RankAAA Class22,G,8J,E,10,KD,6,1118,C,12O,17,A,157,Q,419,F,9B,21,202,N,3H,L,P,16TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE2634(-1)31(-1)26(-1)35(-2)33(-1)36(-1)27(-1)294532232.2
2Weembi High RollersFR2632(-2)28(-4)2736(-1)3437(-1)24(-4)28(-1)42(-2)31431.4
3French Weembi GirlsFR2130(-2)23(-1)23293130(-1)25263827627.6
5Jazz RepublicZA14(-1)21(-1)1913(-1)1922211715(-1)2218318.3
New Weembi High Rollers - HayaBusa showdown in Bahrein
The five AAA and four AA Class teams in Bahrein completed six rounds on Friday, and the Weembi High Rollers had reduced the 5-point deficit after Round 3 to a 2-point difference at the end of the first day. HayaBusa then won the remaining four rounds by a total of six points on Sunday.

The penalty situation was one of the main factors at the final HayaBusa - Weembi 2017 showdown in Bahrein, especially on the second day. As always, both teams were on the same pace level and had completed almost exactly the same number of formations in the 210 seconds of the first six rounds, HayaBusa 191 and the High Rollers 190.

HayaBusa was only one point cleaner than Weembi in the same six rounds (6 - 7) and had thus worked out a thin 2-point lead at the end of the first day.

The pace level was even closer throughout the remaining four rounds. It was in fact exactly the same breath-taking speed that both teams were show-casing once again. The Weembi High Rollers matched Hayabusa's 139-point total for the last four rounds and was one single point behind the Belgian pace after all ten rounds.

History of 4-way meets between NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi High Rollers since the Clash of Champions 2015

Flight Fighters Bahrein
RankOctober 2022,G,8J,E,10,KD,6,1118,C,12O,17,A,157,Q,419,F,9B,21,202,N,3H,L,P,16TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE2634312635333627294532232.2
2Weembi High RollersFR2632282736343724284231431.4
FAI Indoor World Meet 2017
RankOctober 2016,P,122,8,H22,20,315,D,4A,J,6,L7,M,195,Q,2118,B,17G,14,C,NK,E,10,11TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE3029253047333434372832732.7
2Weembi High RollersFR3029263041353232372832032.0
World Challenge 2017
RankApril 7D,B,6,2212,E,1720,G,C,10N,M,15,HQ,19,K,48,21,LP,9,J,7O,11,113,A,163,18,5TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE3329294634284728282933133.1
2Weembi LilleFR3331294335284629292733033.0
French Indoor Nationals 2017
RankMarch 2510,12,O21,E,9M,J,22,G15,6,Q4,N,1419,2,F18,A,16D,20,3B,17,8P,13,K,1TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE 26 36 37 33 2932 29 3029 3231331.3
2Weembi LilleFR 26 34 35 33 2931 28 2827 2930030.0
Wind Games 2017
RankFebruary 3D,2,P,13C,21,11Q,O,17,A6,10,185,E,K,2219,1,F8,20,JL,N,7,916,M,1514,G,H,4TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE2827432535312645343132532.5
2Weembi LilleFR2927462432312743303132032.0
FAI Indoor World Cup 2016
RankOctober 1315,11,67,2,AJ,B,18,5E,19,Q,38,P,2112,L,O,CG,20,F,1610,D,22N,9,K,414,M,17TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE 25 32 33312431 32 26 413130630.6
2WeembiFR2430 33 3325 3331 26363130230.2
Clash of Champions 2015
RankNovember 26J,13,8K,20,59,21,19C,3,67,O,15A,18,12,H,P,D16,L,11E,N,10,B12,Q,F,22TotalAvg
1NMP-PCH HayabusaBE2632302833294128372931331.3
2Arizona AirspeedUS2830293034273928342630530.5
3Weembi LilleFR2728302933273528302829529.5
Weembi High Rollers in Bahrein action
The penalty situation was different on the second day of the meet, and it was once again the match-winner for the Belgian indoor and outdoor world champions. HayaBusa lost only two points, while the High Rollers gave away a total of eight points due to penalties in the same four rounds of the second day.

The biggest loss came at the wrong time. The Weembi team had started the second day with a winning round, which was the fourth consecutive sole highscore and reduced the HayaBusa lead to one single point after Round 7. The 4-point deduction in Round 8 killed the 4-round momentum, and the HayaBusa lead was back up to four points.

The Belgian world champions never looked back after Round 8 and eventually finished eight points ahead. The new Weembi - HayaBusa showdown included once again all the drama that a 4-way competition can offer, and Weembi's High Rollers will hopefully continue to challenge the Belgians next year.

The 2018 season will offer enough new indoor opportunities, and the 2017 season seems to be over now, at least for NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi High Rollers...

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