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Did You Know...

... that the World Tunnel League November leaderboard is growing?

HF Flying Circus at the ISR Grand Prix 2017
posted Nov 29th, 2017 - The World Tunnel League is showing more international colors. Teams from four different countries posted scores on the November leaderboard.

The Czech teams launched the November competition, with guests from Slovakia (Skydive University) and Hungary (Aladeen), and U.S. teams from Northern California have now added the scores of their 6-round meets.

Nothing changed on the AAA Class leaderboard, where the Bad Boys maintained their top spot. Three of the Czech teams (HF Bad Boys - HF Chicks - HF Cubs) had also competed at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 in October, and the two female lineups brought home two sets of FAI bronze medals in 4-way Women and 4-way Junior. HF Flying Circus could not travel to Canada, where only each country's national team was eligible.

The young Czech team still has to get past the Bad Boys before representing the Czech Republic at FAI World Championships of Formation Skydiving, indoors or outdoors. However, HF Flying Circus traveled to the Netherlands instead to compete at the ISR Grand Prix 2017 in Roosendaal. It turned out to be the perfect move to collect more international competition experiences and finish with the first 20+ average.

World Tunnel League November 2017
RankAAA ClassH,15,G,1718,F,14E,9,M,6P,D,A,K,117,16,3B,21,O,5J,N,10,4C,1,1213,2,1920,8,22TotalAvg
1HF Bad BoysCZ2524343022272117161723323.3
2HF ChicksCZ2519312822211617171621221.2
3HF Flying CircusCZ2018262319221816151519219.2
5Skydive UniversitySK1715222017181514121316316.3
RankAA ClassH,15,18F,14,GE,9,MP,D,A,K7,6B,21,OJ,N,4C,1,112,198,22TotalAvg
1HF CubsCZ131829211520(16)(14)(13)(12)11617.1
2M TeamCZ101323171513(14)(9)(7)(9)9113.0
4Err SpeedUS101321151314----8614.3
RankA ClassH,G,21F,M,KE,9P,D,A7,6B,O,LJ,N,4C,Q,H2,198,GTotalAvg
2A TeamUS92512201118----9515.8
3SAC 4AUS817137713----6510.8
4HF Flying RebelsCZ711118911(5)(10)(5)(4)578.1
5HF ChameleonsCZ6119768(4)(5)(6)(6)476.8
1Hot FuelUS81412485----518.5
The limited dive pool and the 8-round meet in Roosendaal offer a better opportunity to post higher averages, and HF Flying Circus was one of the teams taking advantage of the opportunity. The new 21.1 team record average is significantly higher than the previous 19.9 average at the World Challenge 2017.
Round 1 - 3 highscore streak: 4Tune
The AA Class leaderboard of the World Tunnel League's November competition needed a few adjustments only in the AA Class. The teams in the Hurricane Factory all completed ten rounds, while the U.S. teams in Northern California can only use the first six rounds due to the smaller flying chamber.

AA and A Class leaderboards both had a mixture of 6-round and 10-round teams; however, the additional rounds did not change anything in the A Class rankings. This was different on the AA Class leaderboard.

The HF Junior Cubs dominated the AA Class competition easily and were in 1st place after Round 6 and also after Round 10. The ranking scramble happened behind the winner, where four teams battled for the positions behind the HF Cubs. The two Czech teams (M Team - Mimozemky) pushed each throughout their ten rounds at the Hurricane Factory, which also resulted in their better totals for the first six rounds over the two U.S. teams.

NCSL team 4Tune had the best first three rounds and were in 2nd place behind the HF Cubs before Round 4 brought a painful end to the streak of three highscores.

The Czech teams caught up and got ahead in the second half of the six rounds. More scores from the U.S.A. will be added this weekend after the NSL Indoor Championship in Tampa.

ISR Grand Prix 2017
RankAAA Class21,17,12B,H,Q,10D,9,K,P18,22,F3,G,O,M16,L,N,E11,J,152,C,A,14TotalAvg
1ISR Fire FlashBE183437213130242321827.3
2Amnesya Fly InIT202931193126242520525.6
4Monaco Indoor Skydive TeamMC162531172524211917822.3
5Team White Project 20+NL172530162421191817021.3
6HF Flying CircusCZ172829172021191816921.1
7Out Of The BlueNL152531142222181816520.6
9Flyzone Les AffranchisFR142421152021181514818.5
11Gravity AbuseBE131821131716141312515.6
12Crash Test DummiesBE121617121616141611914.9
13Cool RunningsNL13181681615111511214.0
15Blue RebelsGR1112181112107119211.5
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