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Did You Know...

... that the HF Bad Boys took back the Czech top spot at the beginning of the indoor winter season?

Bad Boys with point Jaroslav Smitka
posted Nov 10th, 2017 - The NSL News pointed out the interesting Czech AAA Class battle between the HF Bad Boys and the HF Chicks across the AAA Class leaderboards of the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 with the story on 2 November 2017.

The Czech national indoor team in 4-way Women won the duel in Montreal with a new team record average and brought home a set of FAI bronze medals for the Czech delegation at the same time. The HF Bad Boys finished in 11th place with a 21.9 average.

Both teams now had a re-match at the first 10-round indoor meet of the Czech World Tunnel League winter season at the Hurricane Factory, and the HF Bad Boys were able to outscore the HF Chicks this time.

The Bad Boys had already collected new Indoor Cloud League points for the Hurricane Factory after the indoor world cup, while the HF Chicks took a break and celebrated the successful trip to Montreal with the bronze medals as a souvenir from Canada.

Both teams were then facing each other again less than three weeks after Round 10 in Montreal.

World Tunnel League November 2017
RankAAA ClassH,15,G,1718,F,14E,9,M,6P,D,A,K,117,16,3B,21,O,5J,N,10,4C,1,1213,2,1920,8,22TotalAvg
1HF Bad BoysCZ2524343022272117161723323.3
2HF ChicksCZ2519312822211617171621221.2
3HF Flying CircusCZ2018262319221816151519219.2
5Skydive UniversitySK1715222017181514121316316.3
RankAA ClassH,15,18F,14,GE,9,MP,D,A,K7,6B,21,OJ,N,4C,1,112,198,22TotalAvg
1HF CubsCZ1318292115201614131217117.1
2M TeamCZ1013231715131497913013.0
RankA ClassH,G,21F,M,KE,9P,D,A7,6B,O,LJ,N,4C,Q,H2,198,GTotalAvg
2HF Flying RebelsCZ71111891151054818.1
3HF ChameleonsCZ61197684566686.8
Czech bronze medals in 4-way Women: HF Chicks
Both teams competed with the same lineups, and the Bad Boys had Marián Jeziak back in the point slot that Jaroslav Smitka had filled for him in 2016 and throughout the entire 2017 season until the FAI World Cup.

The two Bad Boys have shared their point slot over the years, and Marián Jeziak was not available at several meets in 2016 and 2017.

The Montreal lineup now performed back on the highest level of the Bad Boys and were very close to the 23.4 team record average that they had posted at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2015 on home turf.

The World Tunnel League competition draw for November is not a fast one, even though the sequence of Round 4 includes four random formations. The ten rounds are exhausting all 22 blocks, while two random formations are missing.

The HF Chicks finished exactly one point behind their previous team record average, as well, that they had posted at the same event where the Bad Boys finished with the 23.4 average in October 2015. The 22.5 peak performance in Montreal is the new benchmark for the Czech 4-way Women team.

HF Flying Circus had a promising start into the indoor winter season, as well. The 19.2 average is significantly higher compared to last year's first indoor meet (17.4) after the conclusion of the outdoor season.

Czech bronze medals in 4-way Junior: HF Cubs
Flying Circus had finished with a new outdoor team record average of 12.9 at the ESL Championship 2017. The first 20+ average is probably only a matter of when it will happen this winter.

Aladeen was visiting from Hungary and placed right ahead of the other international visitors from Slovakia, the Skydive University team.

Aladeen has been competing only in the AAA Class since joining the international 4-way community in 2015, while the Slovakian team has moved up from AA Class competition in 2016/2017.

Just as the HF Chicks, the HF Junior Cubs also came back to their Hurricane Factory in Prague with FAI bronze medals from Montreal and had no serious AA Class competition.

A real battle took place behind the HF Cubs, where M Team and Mimozemky both competed for their first time in the AA Class.

The two youngest 4-way junior teams attended their first 10-round competition in the A Class. HF Flying Rebels and HF Chameleons have both been collecting Rookie Class points for the Czech Indoor Cloud League team so far. Now they have been taking on the A Class dive pool and completed their first 10-round indoor meet.

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