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Did You Know...

... that a 12+ Rookie Class lineup won the Indoor Cloud League October competition?

Collecting indoor training and competition experiences: Czech 4-way juniors
posted Nov 12th, 2017 - The summary of the Indoor Cloud League's October competition is showing a total of 56 scores and videos for the six categories, submitted by a total of eleven ICL teams.

The teams in the 14+ flying chambers had the slightly faster sequences for the three technical sequences (AAA - AA - A) and posted naturally the higher numbers.

The Czech Hurricane Factory team claimed four of the six highscores, while Paraclete XP keeps challenging the Czech 4-way team machine that consistently produces new lineups, especially in the 4-way junior territory.

The Flying Rebels and the HF Chameleons are not winning their Rookie Class categories at this point in time.

However, the Hurricane Factory team is strong enough to stay on the top while the 4-way juniors get their meet training and competition experience. The HF Cubs have been showing the results of the Czech program and progression by winning the bronze medals at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017.

Indoor Cloud League 2017
RankOctober 14+Q,9,F,16Q,9,8Q,F,9J,E,OM,Q,FM,QTotal
1Hurricane FactoryCZ 31 25 30 32 31 11160
2Paraclete XPUS 29 23 31 13 3024150
3iFLY SeattleUS 23 18 25 22 25 20133
4iFLY DallasUS 16 15 25 14 16 1399
5Flybox IsraelIL- 18 19 23 12 1385
6iFLY TampaUS 23 17 20 13--73
Indoor Cloud League 2017
RankOctober 12+Q,7,F,16Q,7,21Q,F,7J,E,OM,Q,FM,QTotal
1iFLY SacramentoUS 23 22 20 1629 25135
2iFLY OrlandoUS 23 21 2324 21 16128
3iFLY SF BayUS 21 13 23 20 16 15108
4iFLY TampaUS 23 20 24 13--80
5HarpiaBR-- 19---19

The Rookie Class sequences are identical for the 12+ and the 14+ leaderboards, which explains why one team was able to break into the 14+ scoring dominance in October.

R Class highscore in 12+ chamber: iFLY Sacramento
iFLY Sacramento's R Class lineup (Nick Maxwell, Tom Berg, Lori Connor, Pete Swan) won the R Class competition with a 25-pointer, one single point ahead of the Paraclete rookies (Bubba Brunson, Nate Timm, Lauren Byrd, Matt Acord) who performed their 24-pointer in the 16-foot flying chamber in Raeford, North Carolina.

iFLY Sacramento also won the 12+ October competition with a total of 135 points this time, which was also the 7th consecutive 1st place on the monthly 12+ leaderboard.

However, Orlando's comeback on the 12+ leaderboard was promising for a more exciting situation next year.

iFLY Sacramento seems to be too far ahead of all other ICL teams for the 2017 season and will most likely take away the final top spot from iFLY SF Bay, the winner at the end of the 2016 season.

The 128-point October total of the Florida Skydiving League teams and competitors in Orlando is yet very competitive and could bring the ICL team back into the position of a top contender in 2018.

Indoor Cloud League 2017JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 14+ Feet
1Hurricane FactoryCZ137132116112144138130113118160--1302
2Paraclete XPUS7373112119118135161120109150--1170
3iFLY SeattleUS13297109118128124104104112133--1161
4iFLY TampaUS10795100841041161171029873--996
5iFLY DallasUS97857772979093928599--887
7SkyVenture MontrealCA848294---------260
Indoor Cloud League 2017JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecTotal
Flying Chamber: 12+ Feet
1iFLY SacramentoUS13912086102130126134112142135--1226
2iFLY SF BayUS15410711989110106112101103108--1119
3iFLY TampaUS---8911011811910211280--730
4iFLY OrlandoUS11474---28---128--344
5SkyVenture MontrealCA698698---------253
7iFLY Gold CoastAU--3431--------65
Indoor powerhouse: Paraclete XP October team
The situation is similarly promising on the 14+ leaderboard for the 2018 season, where the Paraclete XP team has been gaining momentum and rising the totals month by month throughout the 2017 season. The Hurricane Factory seems to be out of reach on the top of the 14+ leaderboard, while both teams could be much closer to each other next year.

It was probably only a matter of time when Paraclete XP's indoor powerhouse would swallow Deb Correia's small iFLY Seattle team and take away the 2nd place behind the Hurricane Factory. It finally happened last month, after very strong Seattle opposition throughout the whole year.

Florida's iFLY Tampa team will probably also focus only on the 14+ sequences next year since iFLY Orlando is back in 12+ action. This could move the Tampa team closer to the top spots on the 14+ leaderboard, as well.

Both Florida teams did not even have scores for two of the Rookie Class sequences (RR - R) last month which resulted in a low October total, even though both AAA Class lineups shared the highscore with iFLY Sacramento, and the A Class lineup won the A Class with their 24-pointer. Two more months to go for the final 2017 standings...

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