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Did You Know...

... that the defending champion in 4-way Women will not compete in Montreal?

Not Your March from Hungary at the Wind Games 2017
posted Oct 14th, 2017 - The NSL News continues with previews of the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017. This time, the power rankings present the field of teams in 4-way Women.

The number of participating teams is identical with the 2015 event at the Hurricane Factory in Prague, even though four countries (Belgium, Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia) are not back with teams in this category in Montreal.

Teams from four other countries replace the four missing nations. Canada did not send the national team in 4-way Women, Parachute Montreal Fuzion, to Europe in 2015, and the home team at SkyVenture Montreal is now one of the top medal contenders next week. Sweden did not have a team in Prague 2015; however, Team X competed at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2016 and has joined the Swedish delegation for the trip to Canada.

Hungary is also new at the 2nd FAI Indoor World Meet, even though Not Your March competed at the same event as Team X last year in Poland and then continued at the Wind Games this year. The fourth new country on the 4-way Women leaderboard will be China.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2015
Rank4-way Women22,F,2016,B,143,H,4L,K,7,C10,D,615,A,Q,M5,8,PO,21,1118,G,212,9,NTotalAvg
1Golden KnightsUS2528294124402826242929429.4
3Fly Like A GirlUK2120243020312217182222522.5
4HF ChicksCZ2019202818272120182121221.2
5Les StuntsBE1818172416261717151918718.7
6No MercyPL1716152417231619161617917.9
Fly Like a Girl at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2015
Three of the nine teams that are registered for next week's competition had also attended the first FAI Indoor World Meet in 2015: French Weembi Girls (France), No Mercy (Poland) and HF Chicks (Czech Republic). The French national team and No Mercy both also competed at Flyspot in Poland last year.

There is actually another team that competed with two members at both events in 2015 and 2016. Fly Like a Girl from Great Britain had Kate Lindsley and Claire Scott in the lineup at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2015 and won the bronze medals.

In fact, Volition member Liz Matthews had also competed with Fly Like a Girl at the World Challenge 2015 and did not travel to Prague later that year.

Former 4mula member Sian Stokes joined forces with Kate Lindsley, Liz Matthews and Claire Scott in the Volition lineup last year, and the team has posted impressive scores (23.2 - 24.2 - 24.9) between April 2016 and April 2017.

Volition has focused on indoor competition only, and the French Weembi Girls will have to expect very strong competition in Montreal.

FAI Indoor World Cup 2016
R.4-way Women15,11,67,2,AJ,B,18,5E,19,Q,38,P,2112,L,O,CG,20,F,1610,D,22N,9,K,414,M,17T.Avg
1French Girls WeembiFR2129313026282623343127927.9
4No MercyPL1822222114212317262120520.5
5Flyspot ChicksPL1720172019182014221818518.5
6Team XSE1521122217161815211717417.4
7CZ LadiesCZ1218111715161213201615015.0
9Not Your MarchHU111511121113119151312112.1

Both teams met this year at the World Challenge 2017, where the French team still finished far ahead of Volition after a top performance that won the AAA Class bronze medals with the first 30+ average of an all-female team in history. However, the French team is very much aware of the British strength in 4-way Women and will be on high alert in Montreal.

First 30+ average: French Weembi Girls at the World Challenge 2017
The 4-way Women indoor world champions of 2015 will not try to defend the title. The Golden Knights discontinued after winning the first FAI indoor gold medals and also the outdoor gold medals a year later. As NMP PCH HayaBusa, the Golden Knights are the reigning 4-way indoor and outdoor world champions. The indoor title will now most likely go to France.

The French Weembi Girls with their current lineup have been defeated only by one 4-way Women team in their three years together - the Golden Knights. There will be no re-match opportunity, and Volition will be in the position of the challenger. Texas Crush has taken the 4-way Women slot in the U.S. delegation for Montreal after competing at the qualification event in April.

Parachute Montreal Fuzion will try to get as close as possible to the teams in the two top spots on home turf, while HF Chicks from the Czech Republic and No Mercy from Poland are in the hunt of the Canadian team and the bronze medal position. Both teams are from the hosting locations of the previous FAI events in 2015 and 2016.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 - 4way Women

Who will win the 4-way Women gold medals?

French Weembi Girls
Parachute Montreal Fuzion
FAI Indoor World Meet 2017
1French Weembi GirlsFR-------------
3Parachute Montreal FuzionCA-------------
4No MercyPL-------------
5HF ChicksCZ-------------
6Team XSE-------------
7Texas CrushUS-------------
8Not Your MarchHU-------------
9China 4-way RedCN-------------
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