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Did You Know...

... that NMP PCH HayaBusa has good reasons to focus only on 4-way?

Arizona Airspeed vs. NMP PCH HayaBusa
posted Oct 11th, 2017 - NMP PCH HayaBusa's visit at the USPA Nationals 2017 turned out to be very successful, as the reigning 4-way indoor and outdoor world champions from Belgium finished in 1st place on the Open Class leaderboard and placed 2nd behind the Golden Knights in 8-way with the Fly-In Machine 44.

The 2nd place in 8-way with an 18.5 average was probably even more impressive than the 1st place in 4-way. HayaBusa was expected to outscore the two best U.S. 4-way teams, and the 12-point difference after the ten rounds in Perris was convincing enough to confirm the top spot in the world at this point in time.

The USPA Nationals 2017 was also another test event for HayaBusa. The NSL News mentioned earlier that the Belgians were not convinced whether they would take on double duties in 4-way and 8-way at the next World Championship of Formation Skydiving in Australia 2018 or not.

NMP PCH HayaBusa and ISR FireFlash had launched their Fly-In Machine 44 project this year, and the 8-way lineup attended three meets, including the FAI World Cup 2017, where 4-way and 8-way both took place at the same time and parallel with each other.

USPA Nationals 2017
Rank4-way OpenO,4,9G,21,A,HN,D,J,14L,16,12K,19,6E,2,10P,11,1517,3,22F,7,1Q,5,M,20TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE3133282325232322313127027.0
2Arizona AirspeedUS2732292224222123292925825.8
3SDC Rhythm XPUS2931282322202319282925225.2
USPA Nationals 2017
Rank8-way OpenG,22,19,6,2D,7,178,J,C,KQ,B,14,2019,15,4A,10,1312,M,N,PH,O,3,165,21,11TotalAvg
1Golden KnightsUS2217161921221921281720220.2
2Fly-In Machine 44BE2316171615211620261518518.5
3Qatar FalconsQA1612151215161317201314914.9
Resting for a year: Fly-In Machine 44
image by: Omniskore
The situation was easier in Perris, where USPA was once again separating all events from each other. It is naturally much easier to participate in more than one event if teams don't have to switch back and forth between the different disciplines.

HayaBusa had won the FAI gold medals in Saarlouis, and the Fly-In Machine 44 did very well at the first outdoor competition with bronze medals for Belgium behind Golden Knights and Tanay. However, the evaluation of the HayaBusa situation after both events still came to the result that the 8-way project will be put to a rest for a year.

Belgium's national 4-way team and FAI world meet gold medalists of 2014 and 2016 first experienced the impressive progression and potential of the French national team, RealFly-Sion, in Saarlouis and then measured themselves up with the two best U.S. teams in Perris. The expected 4-way pressure coming from France and now Arizona Airspeed was probably the main factor for the Belgian decision.

NMP PCH HayaBusa's third consecutive FAI 4-way gold medals could be jeopardized with the double duties, and the potential medal position in 8-way would not compensate for a loss of the unique achievement in 4-way.

FAI Indoor World Meet 2015
Rank4-way Open22,F,2016,B,143,H,4L,K,7,C10,D,615,A,Q,M5,8,PO,21,1118,G,212,9,NTotalAvg
1NMP-PCH HayabusaBE2930304328363026293031131.1
2Black CatRU2126273423392827263028128.1
4Qatar TigersQA2324253323352823212526026.0
5Gryttjom VoloSE2021223221322322212223623.6
6Bad BoysCZ1920233221312323202223423.4
7Dubai Asaar BlackAE222320262131212121-20622.9
10Jazz RepublicZA201918281926181816-18220.2
11VAF WarriorsDK1917182516282020--16320.4
12Sky DragonsSI2018172618271617--15919.9
13Magic 4LT1917152617251819--15619.5
16Murphy ManiaNL139121711181212--10413.0
17HF Junior ZelenyCZ111071161277--718.9
18HF Junior ZlutiCZ108697929--607.5
2017 indoor specialists: Weembi High Rollers at the World Challenge 2017
RealFly-Sion and Arizona Airspeed both now know that HayaBusa will focus all energy and resources on the 4-way event, while potential 8-way medal contenders might feel relieved to see that the Fly-In Machine 44 will not compete at the world meet next year.

The Belgians still have to deal with enough pressure, not only from France and the U.S.A. in 4-way. Indoor competition has officially become an FAI sanctioned event, and there are teams who focus mainly, or even exclusively, on wind tunnel meets.

HayaBusa is the reigning indoor world champion, as well, after winning the first event of this kind at the Hurricane Factory in Prague 2015. The NSL News has extensively covered the toughest challenger in this event, the Weembi High Rollers, with three French 4-way and 8-way world champions in the lineup and former HayaBusa member Roy Janssen.

Weembi has pushed HayaBusa to the limits every time the two teams have met this year, and the Belgians got away so far, last time with the smallest possible margin of a single point at the World Challenge 2017. The next showdown is coming up end of next week at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017 in Montreal, and Airspeed is joining the battle of the two indoor giants. Weembi has focused only on indoor competition., whileHayaBusa had three weeks to switch from outdoor to indoor competition after the trips to Saarlouis and Perris. The NSL News will cover the event live from Montreal.

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