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Did You Know...

... that Florida's Indoor Cloud League team posted scores and videos for eight of the nine July sequences?

Indoor Cloud League event at iFLY Tampa
posted Jul 15th, 2017 - The Brazilian 4-way team Harpia posted the first scores for the A Class sequence on the 12+ leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League July competition, and the Sun Path Products NSL News will soon introduce the new arrival.

The teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League followed up last Thursday with an almost complete set of scores and videos at iFLY Tampa. Only the RRR Class sequence does not have a number yet. The Rookie Class lineup (Matt O'Gwynn, Anthony Maldonado, Erica Gorski, Kurt Gaebel) actually performed all three sequences (RRR - RR - R) but could only post scores for two neighboring categories, according to the ICL rules.

In fact, the same lineup also took on the A Class sequence of the 12+ draw for the month of July and posted a very respectable 13-pointer. However, another Rookie Class lineup from Florida will have to take care of the RRR Class sequence later this month.

Reigning USPA Intermediate Class champion Erica Gorski (Zhills PreciZion) teamed up with her Blue Steel team mate Sebastian Jimenez in the front piece to get more practice of the AAA Class dive pool and the challenging slot switchers. Her 2016 gold medal coach Sally Hathaway joined forces with Kurt Gaebel in the rear piece for the four Open Class sequences on both leaderboards.

Florida Skydiving League - July 12+AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Erica Gorski, Sally Hathaway, Sebastian Jimenez, Kurt Gaebel2322----45
SDC ZEUS-1419---19
Emily Bombardi, Sally Hathaway, Sebastian Jimenez, Paul Bertorelli-1318----
Erica Gorski, Matt O'Gwynn, Anthony Maldonado, Kurt Gaebel--1310161430

iFLY Tampa - Best of July232219-161494

SDC ZEUS with player coach Robert Chromy
Two other teams measured themselves up with the AAA lineup in the AA Class. SDC ZEUS used the FSL Tunnel Kicker of the Indoor Cloud League at iFLY Tampa for team training and performed four different sequences, as well, the two different AA/A combinations for the 12+ and for the 14+ leaderboards.

SDC ZEUS has hired player coach Robert Chromy for the complete 2017 season, who had filled a slot for the Skydive City team at the USPA Nationals 2016. ZEUS had a good battle with a second lineup that performed the same four sequences last Thursday.

Hands Full member Emily Bombardi had Z-Hills Tunnel L/D's Inside Center Paul Bertorelli in the lineup, together with Sally Hathaway and Sebastian Jimenez.

The better trained ZEUS lineup benefited from more training and flying time together and was six points ahead (67 - 60) after all four sequences. However, both teams won their places on the July leaderboards, as the pickup team tied the ZEUS score for the A Class sequence on the 14+ leaderboard. Florida's ICL team goes back to iFLY Tampa on July 27th to improve the posted scores.

Florida Skydiving League - July 14+AAAAAARRRRRRTotal
Erica Gorski, Sally Hathaway, Sebastian Jimenez, Kurt Gaebel1922----41
SDC ZEUS-1618----
Emily Bombardi, Sally Hathaway, Sebastian Jimenez, Paul Bertorelli-11(-2)18---18
Erica Gorski, Matt O'Gwynn, Anthony Maldonado, Kurt Gaebel---10161430

iFLY Tampa - Best of July192218-161489

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