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Did You Know...

... that Amnesya Fly-In has the Italian 4-way top spot and the trip to Australia in mind?

Amnesya at the French Indoor Nationals 2017
posted Mar 31st, 2017 - The aftermath of the French Indoor Nationals 2017 continues with a guest team from Italy.

Amnesya Fly-In has been a regular at national and international 4-way meets since the team was founded in 2015 and is a shooting star in the Italian 4-way community.

The young and new team won the A Class competition at the Italian Nationals 2015 and placed 2nd a few months later at the Clash of Champions 2015 in the same category.

Italy applies only the A and the AAA Class, and Amnesya came back to take on the complete FAI dive pool for the first time at the World Challenge 2016. The 15.1 average at the Italian Nationals 2016 was the first outdoor result in the AAA Class and brought the 4th place at the Italian Nationals 2016. Amnesya concluded the 2016 competition season with bronze medals and a 23.0 average at the ISR Grand Prix 2016.

French Indoor Nationals 2017
RankAAA Class10,12,A21,E,9M,J,22,G15,6,Q4,N,1419,2,F18,A,16D,20,3B,17,8P,13,K,1TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE 26 36 37 33 2932 29 30(-2)29(-1) 3231331.3
2Weembi LilleFR 26 34 35(-1) 33 2931 28 28(-1)27(-4) 2930030.0
3French Weembi GirlsFR26 32 33 29 2529 27 2529 2828328.3
4RealFly-SionFR22 32 33 27 2428 26 2729 2627427.4
5Gavroche WeembiFR21 2832252427 232224 2425025.0
6Espoir Saumur WeembiFR2130292321282422242524724.7
7EchochamberSE213128 2123262422242324324.3
8TenanineFR19292623 22231822222222622.6
9Wom'in PCP BoulocFR182628 2419221920222121921.9
10Amnesya Fly-InIT172527 2521202020222021721.7
11ISR FireFlashBE1826222321222022212121621.6
14Monaco 4FR1626231919211617191919519.5
15Ookpik Armee de TerreFR1722241919191918171919319.3
16Flyzone Les AffranchisFR1724221916201617191618618.6
17Maubeuge Espoir WeembiFR142220171622 1915172018218.2
18Flyspot Sky4fourPL1621221519191418181617817.8
21Corbas Coyotes JCMFR1619161814161616151416016.0
23Airbivores AnnecyFR1421181516171315121715815.8
24Les ZebrechesFR1219181415161211141414514.5
25Vive La Chute Hmmm ShamalFR1318161313141012131313513.5
First AAA Class competition at the World Challenge 2016
The 2017 season began for Amnesya with a 21.9 average at the Wind Games, and the Italian team was one of the few who were able to maintain a similar scoring level of the Wind Games throughout the Weembi meet with a slower competition draw.

Amnesya will follow up with another indoor competition at the World Challenge 2017 before beginning with more intensive preparations with coach David Grauwels for the outdoor events.

The new team will be facing tough competition of other strong and experienced Italian teams who would like to compete for their country at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2018 in Australia.

However, Amnesya is determined to give it a good shot at the team's second national championships in the AAA Class and try to win the Italian 4-way tickets to Australia.

Italian Nationals 2016
RankAAA ClassK,B,E,A,O18,M,619,Q,D,1713,N,116,22,54,11,15L,3,142,7,20G,9,F,H12,P,10TotalAvg
2 Sei Uno Zero2816181314141415241517117.1
5A.N.P.D.I. Bari1711108888916910410.4
Amnesya at the Italian Nationals 2016
Italy has a successful history in 4-way and 8-way Formation Skydiving competition. Sinapsi PD won 4-way bronze medals in 2006, with Livio Piccolo in the lineup, who is training and competing for Sei Uno Zero (610), last year's silver medalist in Italy.

610 are back this year and will try to turn silver into gold, which will be defended by Ex3mo who would like to travel to Australia, as well.

The race for the Italian top spot also includes Energy, who were only two points behind 610 last year. There will surely be a very tough battle for Amnesya to win the first national 4-way title.

However, Amnesya is planning to complete 200 training jumps before the national outdoor championships, and additional indoor training will complete the training plan. 610 member Livio Piccolo is hosting the Italian Nationals 2017 at his skydiving center in Fano, and Amnesya has to break the team's home turf advantage and outscore the reigning champion Ex3mo veterans. There is a tough job coming...

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