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Did You Know...

... that the French Indoor Nationals 2017 are in full swing at Weembi?

"Home team advantage": Weembi Lille's headquarters
posted Mar 25th, 2017 - The first competition day of the French Indoor Nationals 2017 was in full swing until a flaw in the video and judging system interrupted the exciting action for a while.

The audience may have been wondering why the scores for Round 3 were posted on the leaderboard before Round 2 was complete. In fact, there were no scores of Round 2 at all, even though all teams had completed the round.

A flaw in the recording system created several judging videos that could not be used as they did not include the entry into the flying chamber. Judges and meet management eventually decided to send all teams back into flying chamber for a second attempt of the same round.

After that, the meet continued with normal operation, and the teams completed Round 3. However, the teams were still held on a break after Round 3, as there was no final decision whether the judgeable videos of the first attempt of Round 2 would be used or not. NMP PCH HayaBusa coach Gary Smith explained the situation for the Sun Path Products NSL News audience live on Saturday afternoon at Weembi.

French Indoor Nationals 2017
RankAAA Class10,12,A21,E,9M,J,22,G15,6,Q4,N,1419,2,F18,A,16D,20,3B,17,8P,13,K,1C,L,H,7TotalAvg
1NMP PCH HayaBusaBE 260 37--------6321.0
2Weembi LilleFR 26035--------6120.3
3French Weembi GirlsFR26033--------5919.7
5Gavroche WeembiFR21032--------5317.7
6Espoir Saumur WeembiFR21029--------5016.7
7Amnesya Fly-InIT17028--------4515.0
10Ookpik Armee de TerreFR17024--------4113.7
11ISR FireFlashBE18022--------4013.3
13Monaco 4FR16023--------3913.0
13Flyzone Les AffranchisFR17022--------3913.0
18Maubeuge Espoir WeembiFR14020--------3411.3
19Corbas Coyotes JCMFR16016--------3210.7
19Airbivores AnnecyFR14018--------3210.7
22Les ZebrechesFR12018--------3010.0
23Vive La Chute Hmmm ShamalFR13016--------299.7
24Wom'in PCP BoulocFR1800--------186.0
25Flyspot Sky4fourPL1600--------165.3
French Indoor Nationals at Weembi in full swing
The first NSL Reality TV video clip of the day was recorded after the competition draw was completed at 8:00 AM, and the teams began to prepare for Round 1. Weembi's home team used Julien Degen's office area to engineer the sequences, practice the sequences on the creepers and prepare for the competition rounds.

Gary Smith also evaluated the competition draw for the Sun Path Products NSL News in the morning before he explained the situation after Round 3 later on.

Echochamber is one of the guest teams at the French Indoor Nationals and traveled from Sweden to Lille. NMP PCH HayaBusa's inside center David Grauwels was chatting with the Swedes as if Round 1 was miles away. HayaBusa was 20 minutes away from the first round...

The second video clip begins with a trip into the ante-chamber where the teams were lining up for their turns of Round 1. The conversation with Gary Smith follows the chamber visit.

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