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Did You Know...

... that Philippe Schorno is in charge of the French indoor success at the FAI Indoor World Meet 2017?

French Weembi Girls with packing team work
posted Mar 24th, 2017 - The training day for the French Indoor Nationals 2017 at Weembi continued for the Sun Path Products NSL News with the French national team in 4-way Open, RealFly-Sion, who shared their last training session with an 8-way lineup of Martial Ferre's Veloce project.

The French Weembi Girls used their free time to pack a few parachutes in the office area, and it turned out that they needed the combined strength of three team members (Clementine Le Bohec, Pamela Lissajoux, Christine Malnis) to close one of the containers with real team work.

RealFly Sion used a similar training format that all other French teams applied in the Weembi flying chamber. The teams use a few pages to get familiar with the sequence and then leave the chamber for a new entry. They follow up with a few pages in maximum speed and don't even repeat the same sequence after taking a quick look at the recorded video of the same sequence.

National coach Mathieu Bernier supervised the work of the 4-way Open Class team, as well, and said later that he does not have too much work with both teams. They are very experienced and self-sufficient by now.

Gavroche with Blue Weembi member Bruno Perin
Next the Aerokart Akdemie 4-way Junior teams took over the chamber area with their three lineups, who shared the training session with Gavroche. There was a significant change of air speed and usage area of chamber space between all three junior teams and Gavroche, even though the members of the oldest Akdemie team have grown a lot over the three years in the Aerokart project.

Gavroche member Bruno Perin stood out too with his blue Weembi flying suit, as of color and body shape. He works for Weembi and wears blue, and his Gavroche team mates use up significantly more tunnel space than he does. 8-way world champion and Gavroche member Bruno Perin fills the slot for Thomas Perrin who is not available this weekend.

Amelie Tirman, Marin Ferre and Mathieu Cannesson are coaching the three Akdemie lineups who will all compete in the AA Class. One of the three teams will officially qualify for the FAI Indoor World Meet later this year in Montreal.

New indoor boss: Philippe Schorno
Aerokart Deep Blue member Amelie Tirman has been working with the oldest lineup for three years. She said that one of the team members has already turned into the top skydiver at his regional skydiving center. Another team member has done his first tandem jump, and the other two will soon follow up.

Amelie Tirman reported from the Deep Blue family home that the junior 8-way team is complete with nine baby members and a new addition in the works. Perrine Sanchez, eligible with two babies, has joined the team, as Berangere Duplouy lives too far away on the east coast of Africa. However, all Deep Blue members had a reunion on January 1st this year.

National coach Mathieu Bernier explained all of his duties in a live NSL Talk, and he said that he has a new boss for the indoor events. Multiple 4-way world champion and VFS coach Philippe Schorno is in charge of collecting as many FAI indoor medals as possible in all events for the French delegation this year in Montreal.

Last and not least, Marin Ferre told the Sun Path Products NSL News why he has more time for his family these days and for other projects...

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