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Did You Know...

... that Friday is a very busy training day at Weembi?

Mathieu Bernier with the French Weembi Girls
posted Mar 24th, 2017 - Training for the French Indoor Nationals 2017 continued for ACM on Friday morning at Weembi. This time, the British team shared the training session with the French Weembi Girls.

Weembi member Roy Janssen was still working with ACM, while his team mate Mathieu Bernier resumed his own work as the French national coach work with the French Weembi Girls. ACM has a new Inside Center with Rich Rust who will also compete with ACM at the World Challenge 2017.

Mathieu Bernier has his hands full after taking over the coaching job for the French national team in 4-way Open, as well. The French federation decided that one coach is enough for both 4-way teams, and Marin Ferre is not in charge any longer. He is joining his brother Martial Ferre in the upcoming 4-way competition for Tenanine, as Moulay Abbas is not available this weekend.

Mathieu Bernier is looking after both French national 4-way teams while he is taking on NMP PCH HayaBusa once again with his own Weembi lineup. The French national coach was back in the antechamber at noon when the French national team in 4-way Open, RealFly-Sion, had a training session.

Back in full indoor action: Sophia Pecout
Both French national 4-way teams have very different agendas that Mathieu Bernier has to coordinate somehow. The French Weembi Girls have not trained outdoors since the Mondial 2016 where tail Sophia Pecout dislocated her shoulder in Round 10.

She had her second shoulder surgery in November after an earlier one years ago on her left shoulder. She had a very quick recovery, as the French Weembi Girls competed with her in the lineup at the Wind Games at the beginning of February. They have continued with indoor training only so far.

RealFly-Sion has trained in both 4-way elements. The team understands their position as the outdoor national team and has primarily a long-term plan for the FAI World Meet 2018 in Australia. They are not really in competition with Weembi who focus only on indoor competition.

The members of the French national teams see it as a benefit that their coach is very active himself, as he is totally up-to-date with modern flying style and techniques.

One of many jobs at Weembi: Julien Degen
Friday is a very busy training day at Weembi. Arnaud Mille, former member of the French national 8-way team, told the Sun Path Products NSL News that Weembi's engines will be running between 7:00 AM on Friday morning and 3:00 AM on Saturday. The competition draw is scheduled for 8:00 AM on Saturday, and Round 1 for 9:00 AM.

The management team at Weembi consists of several very active French top competitors. Arnaud Mille works together with his former team mates Julien Degen, Thomas Perrin and Bruno Perin.

The French national TV is paying attention to the event at Weembi, as well. Marie-Luce Bozom, who has been working the public relations for the French skydiving federation for many years, provided the Sun Path Products NSL News with a link to a program that was recorded on Friday morning and was streamed via satellite live to the general French TV audience of a popular morning show.

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