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Did You Know...

... that eight 4-way world champions will fight a unique battle at Weembi this weekend?

Seven 4-way world champions at the Clash of Champions
posted Mar 23rd, 2017 - The coverage of the U.S. outdoor showdown between Arizona Airspeed and SDC Rhythm XP was completed at the Shamrock Showdown 2017 last weekend, and the next 4-way treat is just around the corner.

The French Indoor Nationals 2017 at Weembi features the two best indoor 4-way teams in the world and probably in the history of the sport, NMP PCH HayaBusa and Weembi's signature lineup with Roy Janssen, Julien Degen, Mathieu and Guillaume Bernier.

The indoor competition in Lille offers much more than only the next showdown between the eight 4-way world champions from Belgium and France. However, the Sun Path Products NSL News will focus a lot of attention on this duel, which may produce the highest 4-way scores ever between two battling 4-way teams.

Earlier previews of the event explained that there is also a lot on stake for the French national 4-way Open Class team RealFly-Sion who are trying to get close to the two top teams, together with the French Weembi Girls.

French Indoor Nationals 2017
-NMP PCH HayaBusaBE-------------
-Weembi LilleFR-------------
-Qatar TigersQA-------------
-French Weembi GirlsFR-------------
-Gavroche WeembiFR-------------
-ISR FireFlashBE-------------
-Wom'in FranceFR-------------
-Amnesya RW4 TeamIT-------------
-Qatar Tigers BQA-------------
-Flyzone Les AffranchisFR-------------
-Flyspot Sky4fourPL-------------
-Maubeuge Espoir WeembiFR-------------
-Corbas Coyotes JCMFR-------------
-Shamal LoutresFR-------------
-Vive La Chute Hmmm ShamalFR-------------
-Les ZebrechesFR-------------
-Cindy DelbergueFR-------------
Weembi training action on Thursday
The Sun Path Products NSL News caught the home team in full training action upon arrival at Weembi and recorded a few training sessions. Weembi member Julien Degen is also managing his event at the same time and juggles the two balls with a lot of energy.

The Weembi flying chamber measures 17 feet and has no restrictions for the dive pool. All 22 blocks will be applied in the competition, and Weembi's signature lineup practiced the two FAI/IPC excluded blocks (1, 13) during the training sessions.

British team ACM was also training on Thursday with coach Roy Janssen and were watching the Weembi performance with great interest during lunch break. Team member Gareth Hicks told the Sun Path Products NSL News that NMP PCH HayaBusa is in full training swing, as well. However, they are using the wind tunnel in Liege for their final preparations and keep the first direct confrontation in Weembi for the first meet day on Saturday.

Eight 4-way world champions at the Wind Games 2017
The French Indoor Nationals 2017 is the third time that eight 4-way world champions compete with and against each other.

Both teams met each other with the current lineups for the first time at the Clash of Champions 2015. The complete Weembi lineup consisted of 4-way world champions by then, as Julien Degen, Mathieu and Guillaume Bernier won their FAI gold medals in Menzelinsk 2010, and Roy Janssen won his own one with HayaBusa in Prostejov 2014.

The Belgians had only three world champions in the lineup at the first showdown in Dubai. Newest HayaBusa member Jeroen "Bob" Nollet still had to earn his own gold medal, and he did so at the FAI Mondial 2016.

The eight 4-way world champions had their first unique battle just a month after Jeroen Nollet had won his wings, at the FAI Indoor World Cup 2016. Then they followed up at the Wind Games 2017 with the same eight 4-way world champions. NMP PCH HayaBusa has won all three previous battles, and the upcoming one might become the toughest one...

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