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Did You Know...

... that 4-way Open Class and Speed Skydiving competition produced different results for Germany?

Paratec-Saar in Prostejov
posted Sep 2nd, 2014 - The Sun Path Products NSL News goes back to the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 with more aftermath before the coverage of the German Nationals 2014 begins, live from the Dadalus skydiving center in Eisenach.

In fact, both events connect directly with each other in many ways, even though one connection is missing. The German national 4-way team Paratec-Saar is not competing at the national championships, due to lack of additional vacation time for some of the team members.

Paratec-Saar had a very impressive performance at the world meet, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 28 August 2014 and on 29 August 2014. The German team was clearly on its way to the finals and Round 10. Then disaster struck in Round 9, completely surprising.

World Meet 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassE,3,C,5F,6,D,2119,H,2M,4,1O,14,A,P8,J,167,11,1222,20,1517,G,1813,B,9TotalAvg
1NMP-PCH Hayabusa (BE)3229252533252218262926426.4
2Arizona Airspeed (US)3127252431232217242925325.3
3Evolution (CA)3128242228232021252724924.9
4VoltR (FR)2426182326202013242121521.5
5Barkli (RU)2423202225211916182621421.4
6Dubai Asaar Black (AE)1820171720141513172017117.1
7Vision 99 (UK)182016161915151316-14816.4
8Paratec-Saar (DE)19231814221615137-14716.3
9Rotor Out (AU)171917172114131215-14516.1
10Ex3mo 4 (IT)181716151715141114-13715.2
Into the finals: Dubai Asaar Black
Paratec-Saar funneled the exit for Round 9, the Danish T of Block 17, and ended up with a 7-pointer after additional trouble later in the jump. It was a most painful experience for the Germans to give up the slot in the finals and see Dubai Asaar take it, while Vision 99 ended up a point ahead of Paratec-Saar, as well.

Paratec-Saar would face stiff competition at the national championships, as Team Airbus, formerly EADS, is probably the stronger team at the moment. However, this year's competition is the not the qualifyer for the World Meet 2016, and Paratec-Saar has a 3-year plan with the new lineup. The Sun Path Products NSL News will switch to the German Nationals next.

Germany did not win any medals in the Formation Skydiving categories in Prostejov, and Paratec-Saar was held back from the best placement for Germany in many years. However, other German competitors won some world meet medals.

Moritz Friess with Parat Remscheid in 2001
Speed Skydiving was actually not an official event at the World Meet 2014. The 1st World Cup in Speed Skydiving was still integrated into the Prostejov schedule, and it produced new world records. Moritz Friess from Germany started with the first high speed record before new world champion Marco Wiederkehr from Switzerland increased the speed to 511.23 km/h.

Moritz Friess ended up with the silver medal, and Stephanie Hipp from Germany took the 3rd place. Her 461.40 km/h speed was a new world record for Speed Skydiving Women at the same time.

The Sun Path Products NSL News invited Moritz Friess for an NSL Talk to explain the competition category to the audience. He used to film German 4-way teams years ago, including the first German team in 4-way Women, Parat Remscheid. The German Nationals 2014 don't include a Speed Skydiving competition...

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