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Did You Know...

... that VAF Warriors and Bad Boys may have similar goals?

History for VAF Warriors: 15-average level
posted Jul 20th, 2014 - The first scores of the new meet weekend have been posted and came from Denmark and the Czech Republic. Denmark won the first international part on this weekend's leaderboard clearly. Three of the four Danish AAA Class teams took the first three places, and two of the three Danish A Class teams took the top spots, as well.

The AAA Class competition included three national teams who will soon compete at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014. The VAF Warriors (DK) will meet the Bad Boys (CZ) in Prostejov for a new battle somewhere in the middle of the world meet leaderboard, and the CZ Ladies will compete for the Czech Republic in 4-way Women.

The Bad Boys could not keep close enough with the VAF Warriors this weekend since they had to replace their key player in the Center Inside slot, Vaclav Prokes. Alternate Jarda Smitka had an opportunity to attend a competition with his team. The complete and well trained Bad Boyz lineup will be much closer to the Danish national team, after posting 13.5 and 14.2 averages earlier this year.

July 19th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
RankAAA Class4,K,1520,H,O,LC,J,17,3A,1,147,13,16M,Q,12,11B,9,P,N21,10,GTotalAvg
1VAF Warriors (DK)142016111115231312315.4
2Prime Pickles (DK)111613121114211110913.6
3Aerodyne Steam (DK)141615111013191010813.5
4Bad Boys (CZ)11161311912--7212.0
5CZ Ladies (CZ)910109910--579.5
6Veto (DK)88119811147769.5
Complete Bad Boys lineup with Vaclav Prokes (top)
The VAF Warriors are probably not done yet, as well. They have achieved their goal of breaking the 15-average level and are on the way to improving Denmark's scoring level at the world meets. However, they allowed Prime Pickles (2nd) and Aerodyne Steam (3rd) to tie their scores in two rounds, and Prime Pickles even outscored the VAF Warriors in Round 4.

The distance between the VAF Warriors and the rest of the Danish field was too large for a serious threat. The VAF Warriors will take a closer look at the critical sequences in an effort to raise the meet average even more at the world meet.

The Bad Boys might have a very similar goal as the VAF Warriors defined it for the upcoming world meet. The previous Czech national team, Lize, finished with a 14.9 average at the Mondial Dubai 2012. The 15-average level is in reach for the Bad Boyz, as well.

Consistent progression: Aerodyne Steam
The most exciting part of the competition in Denmark was the 1-point battle for the 2nd place. Aerodyne Steam is the official Danish B-Team and has lived up to the expectations of the federation with a consistently increasing performance level (9.9 - 12.0 - 13.5) at the outdoor meets this year.

However, the Steaming progression was not enough to hold off the new Prime Pickles who were formed this year. Prime Pickles started with a 15.8 average at the World Challenge 2014 and attended the team's first outdoor meet this weekend.

Aerodyne Steam had the better start and was five points ahead of Prime Pickles after Round 3. However, the new 4-way team with very experienced skydivers won back point by point until both teams were eventually tied in 2nd place going into Round 8, which would turn out as the last round in Denmark. Prime Pickles won by a point and took the national silver medals.

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