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Did You Know...

... that five Indoor Cloud League lineups shared the highscores for the April sequences?

NCSL April group at iFLY SF Bay
posted May 28th, 2014 - The Northern California Skydiving League group at iFLY SF Bay was the last one to submit videos and scores for the Indoor Cloud League April sequences, and they were posted when the draw for May was already available.

NCSL Director Lori Connor had her group perform the sequences at the end of April, which is the most important requirement to get them onto the ICL leaderboard, even if they are submitted later.

The NCSL group also added a new highscore for one of the six sequences. Don Burnette, Baat Enosh, Deanna and Julius Frank outscored the other four AAA Class lineups with a 21-pointer. It was the first time this year that any AAA Class lineup outscored the national 4way team of the Czech Republic, Bad Boys.

April 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Seattle (US)142218212424123
2iFLY Orlando (US)152019222019115
3Skydive Arena (CZ)1822262013-99
4iFLY SF Bay (US)211313(-1)16(-1)231096
5iFLY Dallas (US)15141114181789
6SkyVenture Montreal (CA)-23----23
Not too worried yet about internal Czech AA Class competition: Bad Boyz
It was also the second time this year that the participating groups shared five highscores for the six sequences between each other, and it was the first time that the winner had only two of the six highscores. The field in April was obviously closer together than before.

The Czech Bad Boys were outscored for the first time not only by iFLY SF Bay's AAA Class lineup in April. The Bad Boys also scored 22 points for the AA Class sequence at the Skydive Arena last month. However, Canada's family team 4astrophe won the AA Class competition with a 23-pointer, the only score for SkyVenture Montreal.

The Czech national team had an unfortunate start with the AA sequence (O,E,N,14) for May, as well, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 6 May 2014. The first posted 16-pointer came after 12 point deductions.

Competing in the AA Class with AAA Class sequences: HF Chicks
Czech league director Jan Klapka had no problem fixing the May situation quickly. He also had a video of the HF Chicks available, who had scored a 20-pointer for the same sequence. The HF Chicks had their first AA Class score posted before the Bad Boys followed up with the currently standing 26-pointer.

The HF Chicks have blasted through the first four ICL categories and have to compete in the AA Class from here on, according to the ICL rules. The AA Class sequences of the Indoor Cloud League could usually also be drawn for any AAA Class competition, which causes an interesting situation in the Czech Republic.

The Bad Boys will now be pushed in this category by the indoor experts in the HF Chicks all-female lineup. The Czech national team came back quickly and strongly with the 26-pointer over the 20-pointer of the HF Chicks. However, it was the first time that both teams performed the same sequence, and it will surely not be the last time...

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