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Did You Know...

... that the Florida teams competed only on creepers last weekend?

ZHills TranZend lineup with coach Sally Hathaway
posted Apr 21st, 2014 - The outdoor season opener of the Florida Skydiving League had to be postponed for a month. The weather at Skydive City and Skydive DeLand was equally unsupportive, and the first meet of the regular FSL season will hopefully take place with better weather in May.

Five teams were ready to post their first 2014 scores at Skydive City, while additional teams planned to compete in DeLand. The 5-team field in Zephyrhills included many of the Tunnel Kicker participants who have been posting scores for Florida's Indoor Cloud League account at iFLY Orlando month by month.

The AA Class competition had a promising lineup of teams. Skydive City's new home team, ZHills TranZend, has been training with coach Sally Hathaway for a while, and Zunday was prepared to oppose TranZend in the AA Class with Dave Ruffell in the lineup. Former Zunday member Sebastian Jimenez and Indoor Cloud League competitor James Hall were in the Teiwaz lineup.

Apr 19th, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4TotalAvg
RankAA Class E,A,M,LN,D,O,KH,F,Q,PC,G,B,JTotalAvg
1Teiwaz AA (US)FSL161218206616.5
2FurtherZeus (US)FSL81017124711.8
3ZHills TranZend (US)FSL111012124511.3
4Zunday (US)FSL81098358.8
5The Flying Fox (US)FSL000000.0
Zunday prepare for a competition round
Rookie Class teams Zeus was still missing Point Ryan Taylor, who is currently recovering from a back surgery. He visited to support his team, while Oren Kalb was ready to fill his slot for the meet. Other local skydivers had also put together an additional Rookie Class lineup, including more Tunnel Kicker participants.

TranZend coach Sally Hathaway eventually suggested a creeper competition when her team had prepared all six meet sequences and the weather still did not allow any jump planes to take off. Three of the four other teams happily agreed to join the bad weather project, and the improvised meet became more exciting than it could have been expected.

Zunday engaged a few substitutes to complete the creeper lineup, while Zeus coach Bob Byrne and Frederic Bonneville helped out for the Rookie Class team, as well.

Zeus with coach Bob Byrne and substitute Frederic Bonneville
All four participating teams agreed on four rounds with 4-point sequences of only random formations. The sequences were drawn, and the teams had 30 minutes to prepare them. The creepers were not available for the preparations, as they resembled the actual performance platform for the competition.

It turned out that the creeper competition became a great exercise for the teams, and it was also very entertaining for the live audience. In addition, there was a good race for the 2nd place. ZHills TranZend had a good start and was leading by three points over Rookie Class team Zeus, as it could be expected.

However, Zeus learned quickly how to move the creepers efficiently and were two points ahead of TranZend after Round 3. The AA Class team won Round 4 but was one point short of catching Zeus. The Florida teams are now eager to get back into freefall after a winter of indoor training and creeper competition...

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