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Did You Know...

... that the VAF Warriors outscored Volt'R in the Paraclete XP money meet?

Fair and square: $3,000 for Arizona Airspeed
posted Apr 20th, 2014 - While teams in Florida are still trying without much luck to get in the air and post the first outdoor scores of the 2014 season, the Sun Path Products NSL News goes back to the previous outdoor competition in DeLand, the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014.

The competition of the top teams has been covered extensively, and other stories with different topics have been a part of the aftermath of the first major outdoor competition this year. One missing part of the event coverage is the traditional Shamrock Showdown Skins Game.

The teams in the first three places won their cash (Arizona Airspeed $3,000 - Evolution $1,500 - Volt'R $500) fair and square with the highest total after the 10-round meet. However, Paraclete XP adds more cash ($2,000) to the total purse, which goes to the winners of the Skins Game, round by round, beginning on the second meet day and Round 6.

Paraclete XP Outdoor 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class18,2,OD,19,22G,C,P,109,A,L,HK,16,B,Q7,4,2111,15,FM,3,E,86,1,1720,12,JTotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed (US)2020284633242320192125425.4
2Evolution (CA)2122254030212323201924424.4
3VoltR (FR)2019243629212022201622722.7
4SDC Rhythm XP (US)2118243428202022161722022.0
5Carolina Turbo XP (US)1815203027181920181620120.1
6Voodoo (ZA)1817202624171820161419019.0
7Sunny Wind (RU)1815172620171917141617917.9
8Dubai Asaar Black (AE)1314182321131315121215415.4
9Vision 99 (UK)1114162218131617141215315.3
10Bonobos (INT)121317231814151414914914.9
11Teiwaz (US)111114211814121112913313.3
12VAF Warriors (DK)1113141317131215111313213.2
13Tigers (FI)121312189131314111112612.6
14Aerodyne Steam (DK)118814131188108999.9
15Dubai Asaar Yellow (AE)891013981110108969.6
$400 for Round 6: Tigers from Finland
All AAA Class teams get a handicap after the first five rounds of the competition, according to the meet average at this point in time. From then on, each team has the opportunity to win a round after handicap. All it takes is an extraordinary score significantly above the team's specific performance level.

Four of the 18 AAA Class teams had one of those peak rounds on the team specific performance level and cashed in $400. The VAF Warriors, Denmark's national 4way team, peaked even two times and collected a total of $800. That was even more cash than the team in 3rd place, French national 4way team Volt'R, received.

The Tigers from Finland opened up the second day successfully with the 13-pointer in Round 6. The Sun Path Products NSL News story on 27 January 2014 had featured the comeback story of Finland's former 4way national team.

$800 for the VAF Warriors
Sunny Wind from Russia followed up in Round 7 with a $400 performance. The 19-pointer tied Carolina Turbo XP's score. Turbo finished two places and 22 points ahead of Sunny Wind, which shows that the Russian team had a great round.

Then came the first strike by the national team from Denmark, VAF Warriors. The 15-pointer in Round 8 tied Dubai Asaar Black's score, four places ahead of the VAF Warriors. That was more than enough to win the money for the round after handicap. Vision 99's 17-pointer would have been next. The Danish 13-pointer in Round 10 was even better and completed the very successful money meet for the VAF Warriors.

Dubai Asaar Yellow, with Craig Girard in the lineup, was finally compensated in Round 9 for the lost battle for the 14th place in the AAA/Open Class with Aerodyne Steam. The $400 for the best round after handicap was even more rewarding, as the Dubai "farm team" had a great second day. Craig Girard's team outscored the second team from Denmark by two points in the second half of the meet.

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