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Did You Know...

... that BJ Worth will challenge the new sequential bigway record at SkyQuest 2013?

First SkyQuest event at Fantasy of Flight in 2001
posted Sep 23rd, 2013 - SkyQuest 2013 is coming closer and offers once again the annual combination of Kaleidoscope Dives and 4way competition in DeLand.

The Kaleidoscope Dives will be even more interesting this year since bigway skydiving has become more competitive. BJ Worth, World Team founder, former 8way world champion and creator of the Kaleidoscope Dives since the first SkyQuest event in 2001, recently proposed new world record rules for bigway sequentials to the International Parachuting Commission (IPC) who approved without hesitation.

Since March 1st this year, there are also world records for sequential bigways, and the first numbers are in the record books for formations that are larger than 100 skydivers. The new FAI/IPC rules require the recognized number to be at least 25% of the current bigway world record (400), achievend by BJ Worth's World Team in 2006 in Thailand.

Kaleidoscope Divers over Skydive DeLand
image by: Andrey Veselov
Mostly Russian bigway fans posted the first official world record for the new category in August this year. The 101way completed the first formation and transitioned to a second one this August.

At least 35% of the 101 participants had to change their positions to make it an eligible record attempt for a sequential bigway.

Kaleidoscope Divers at SkyQuest had successfully transitioned from formations larger than 100way to a second formation in earlier years.

However, sequential bigways were not recognized as FAI world records at that time. This year's participants now have the opportunity to set the records straight. It will not be easy, as a new mark has been added last week.

Patrick Passe with French Kaleidoscope Divers in 2009
106 skydivers completed a 5-point sequence in Empuriabrava under the guidance of French organizer Patrick Passe. The new rules are based on the number of formations in the sequence, "scoring points". The number of participants is the other criteria. In other words: The 101way record in Russia counted for a 2-point sequence and could be improved by a 102way group. Another 101way group could also set a new record for a 3-point sequence, as long as at leats 35% of the participants are moving.

BJ Worth is planning to challenge the new 106way record, which will make it a real competition at SkyQuest 2013. Patrick Passe has been a team captain for BJ Worth at the Kaleidoscope Dives before and is once again visiting DeLand in November. Videographer Andrey Veselov was also in Empuriabrava last week and will be at SkyQuest.

The logistics are set for an exciting event, and the judges have been invited, for 4way as well as for bigway...

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