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Did You Know...

... that Florida launched the new Indoor Cloud League month with 101 points?

NSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Orlando
posted Sep 22nd, 2013 - The Florida Skydiving League group posted the first scores and videos of the Indoor Cloud League for September. The FSL flyers met on September 10 at iFLY Orlando to train and then go through the six different September sequences.

The Adder (Random Formation L) is the theme for this month, and the indoor training began with learning how to build and fly cheated cat positions. As usual, new flyers and skydivers were also getting their opportunity to learn more about indoor skydiving and 4way competition.

The new video of this month's event at iFLY Orlando includes the first flying experience for Lisa Eaddy, whose husband James Eaddy can also be seen performing the Rookie A Class sequence.

September 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)151516181720101
2iFLY Seattle (US) (US)-------
2iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
2Skydive Arena (CZ)-------
2SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)-------
Grant Underland and Erica Gorski at iFLY Orlando...
The event took place just a few days before some of the participants had to travel to Skydive Chicago and compete at the USPA Nationals 2013.

Erica Gorski and Grant Underland from Skydive City had joined forces with Zunday members Gary Fox and Keith Murray who did not attend the September Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Orlando this time. It would be the first trip for all four team members to the national championships, and Aaron Stocum was filming 1zt Rodeo in Ottawa.

The Sun Path Products NSL News story on 15 September 2013 included a live interview with the team at the USPA Nationals where they talked about their impressions and experiences.

...and at Skydive Chicago
Erica Gorski and Grant Underland used the Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Orlando for the last warmup and training session and contributed scoring points for Florida in the A Class, together with Robert Harris and Steve Hubbard.

FSL indoor head coach Ari Perelman and several other experienced AAA Class flyers were not available this time, and it was challenging for the FSL participants to master the AAA Class sequence with unknown blocks and slot switchers. Three members of the AAA Class lineup (Hal Spence, Jim Prochaska, Drew Zastrow) stepped up from the AA Class dive pool and also performed the 6-point AAA Class sequence for September.

The AA Class sequence was not much easier, as it included Block 21 (Zigzag - Marquis), which is a challenge in itself at the 12-foot flying chamber in Orlando. However, the FSL group started with a total of 101 points and is now waiting for the next scores from other participating windtunnels.

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