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Did You Know...

... that Zunday and Pyro4ic keep pushing each other at Skydive City?

First Zunday lineup with Ari Perelman
posted Sep 23rd, 2013 - Two teams from Skydive City have been competing side by side since August 2012 season and eventually ended up in the same competition class this year. They added their latest internal battle last weekend on home turf.

The Zunday project was launched at the end of the 2011 season when Gary Fox, Sebastian Jimenez and Keith Murray competed for the first time in the A Class, with player coach Ari Perelman in the lineup. Jon Agar joined the team for the 2012 season in the A Class, and Zunday attended four meets of the Florida Skydiving League, plus the NSL Championship in November.

Participants of the NSL Tunnel Kicker formed Pyro4ic in the meantime, and the new team joined the Florida Skydiving League in the Rookie Class at the August 2012 meet. Both teams came back this year in the same competition classes, and Pyro4ic moved up into the A Class in July 2013.

Sep 21st, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA ClassJ,K,E,O18,20F,H,21,13G,B,Q,DA,N,4TotalAvg
1Miami Exuberance (US)10486--287.0
RankA ClassJ,K,EO,C,6F,H,221,DG,B,QA,N,4TotalAvg
1Zunday (US)1311(-1)11(-1)98(-4)7(-2)599.8
2Pyro4ic (US)1076(-1)8--317.8
1zt Rodeo at the USPA Nationals 2013
image by: Omniskore/USPA/Skydive Chicago
Zunday was naturally far ahead in July (39 - 29) and also had the upper hand last weekend. Pyro4ic increased the team's meet average after four rounds (7.3 - 7.8) and was pushing Zunday upwards at the same time. Zunday's 11.0 average after four rounds helped to maintain the distance to the local rivals (44 - 31) and lifted the meet average (9.8 - 11.0) to the same level as it was after the four rounds in April.

Three of last weekend's Zunday members (Erica Gorski, Keith Murray, Gary Fox) had competed with 1zt Rodeo at the USPA Nationals 2013, and Tail Jon Agar was back in his slot last weekend.

Original Point Sebastian Jimenez was not available, and Erica Gorski filled the slot for him. Coach and meet director Bob Byrne also stepped in for Round 6 when Center Outside Keith Murray had to leave earlier.

Pyro4ic at iFLY Orlando's NSL Tunnel Kicker
Pyro4ic missed the 8-point average due a point deduction in Round 3. Zunday's damage was much worse with a total of eight lost points in the completed six rounds, all of them caused by camera issues. The Zunday average will easily shoot up once all footage will be judgeable.

Bob Byrne reported that it was obvious how the three Zunday members benefitted from the competition experience at the USPA Nationals. Erica Gorski has been in 4way competition for less than a year and had another great meet opportunity with Zunday last weekend.

Both teams have one more FSL meet on the playoffs weekend in October before showing the best of the year at SkyQuest 2013 and the NSL Championship.

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