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Did You Know...

... that the Golden Knights are alone in their own pursuit of excellence?

Rhythm of the Knight at work
posted Sep 17th, 2013 - Paraclete XP8 has a very strong lineup this year, as the Sun Path Products NSL News explained a few times earlier. However, there is a reason why Arizona Airspeed has generated world champions after world champions for many years. They know that a competition is only over after ten rounds, or perhaps eleven.

Round 5 brought hope back to the Airspeed fans and may change the momentum of the competition. It seems as if the weather may support the completion of the 8way competition today, and this is what Airspeed was hoping for. The first round this morning reduced XP8's 4-point lead to two points, and everything is possible.

In the meantime, the Golden Knights continue with their own pursuit of excellence. The US Army team is in a similar position as Airspeed's 4way lineup was in. There is no serious direct competition at the USPA Nationals 2013, and the national 8way teams from France and Russia are paying greatest attention from far away.

Dannielle Woosley - Sean Sweeney - Jeshua Stahler
The Sun Path Products NSL News visited the Golden Knights headquarters at Skydive Chicago during the weather hold this morning. Dannielle Woosley, Sean Sweeney and Jeshua Stahler took the time to talk about the Golden Knights situation at the USPA Nationals and in general.

Dannielle Woosley's female lineup defended the USPA bronze medals of 2012 successfully in the Open Class competition, and all team members also compete in a female pickup team in 8way for the first time, the "Rhythm of the Knight".

Sean Sweeney is the new team captain of the 8way team and has taken over the reigns from Brian "BK" Krause. He also has a new team member who has filled the open slot. Jessie Stahler was the alternate throughout the 2012 season and has now taken his full position. He introduced himself to the audience in the interview. The 8way teams went back in the air after this newest NSL Talk, and the Golden Knights are back on their way to beat all previous 8way records.

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