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Did You Know...

... that host and VFS 4way expert Rook Nelson steps in for Andy Delk in 8way?

Paraclete XP8 lineup with Andy Delk (front left)
posted Sep 17th, 2013 - This morning's visit of the Sun Path Products NSL News at the Golden Knights headquarters was followed by a few rounds of 8way competition before another weather hold interrupted the competition at the USPA Nationals 2013.

The weather situation improved again, and another round of 8way competition was completed before Andy Delk, former Arizona Airspeed member and currently competing for Paraclete XP8, had to leave to make it to the airport in time. The weather delays caused the meet to be slower than expected, and XP8 had to call in their alternate.

Host Rook Nelson, owner of Skydive Chicago, is the official alternate for XP8 and had to get ready for the upcoming action of Round 8.

Paraclete XP8 lineup with Rook Nelson (2nd from left)
It's a tough call for the alternate, as XP8 is so close to outscore their Arizona Airspeed rivals for the first time in history. It's still a 2-point Paraclete advantage after Round 7, and the pressure is on the VFS 4way expert.

However, Craig Girard had a fitting jumpsuit for him, which will probably fly well and support his challenging task.

Eric Heinsheimer, very current FAI Judge and Golden Knights 8way world champion of 1997, who still owns the world record for a single round with 31 points, explained how he ended up back in 8way action and in the Paraclete XP8 lineup. The teams are now getting ready for Round 8, and the 8way competition in the Open Class has become even more interesting.

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