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Did You Know...

... that any completed meet is a good meet in the Northwest?

Deb Correia (3rd from left) with Fun Sponge
posted Jul 9th, 2013 - Three smaller meets last weekend combined for the latest overall leaderboard. Only the A Class competition brought teams from different locations (Northwest, Canada) together this time. Two teams from Virginia were alone in the AA Class, and the Yeah Team had the Rookie Class for themselves.

However, the A Class competition featured an interesting mix of teams from the Northwest Skydiving League and Canada. The competition between Fun Sponge and BLD alone could not have been any more exciting, as both teams finished tied in 2nd place after six rounds and only a few points behind Canada's A Class winner Wheres Vic after the four completed rounds at the Toronto Parachute School.

NWSL Director Deb Correia reported the A Class duel from Skydive Kapowsin.

July 6th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankA Class 21,219,PH,7L,86,EK,9TotalAvg
1Wheres Vic (CAN)CAN89105--328.0
2Fun Sponge (US)NWSL7 (V)7 (V)8 (V)6 (V)7 (V)6 (V)416.8
2BLD (US)NWSL7711547416.8
4Trying Our Best (CAN)CAN138---124.0
521 Vlad Jack (CAN)CAN43----73.5
David Zhang (left) with BLD
The first NWSL outdoor meet of the 2013 season was held on July 6 at Skydive Kapowsin in Shelton, WA. Three teams showed up for the event, Fun Sponge and BLD in the A Class, and Yeah Team in the Rookie Class. The day started off with clouds but cleared by 11:00, which allowed all of the teams to complete six rounds.

The competition was stiff between Fun Sponge and BLD. It was clear that exits would be a weak point after an indoor winter season. Fun Sponge is led by Deb Correia herself, with Jay Alspach, Kelli Alspach, and new for the team this year, Andrey Ulanov. The team did a few minutes together in the tunnel, but the four had never flown together in freefall. David Patterson was on camera for the Fun Sponge.

BLD was guided by player coach David Zhang, who is currently team member of El Eminope, a AA/Advanced Class team out of Skydive Elsinore. His BLD team mates were Jason Salameh, Rani Abdellitif, and Steve Platt, with JJ Johnson on camera.

Fun SpongeYeah Team
100 jumps: Erin Wenzel (2nd from left) with Yeah Team
BLD was well tunnel trained but had also very little freefall experiences, and both teams were tied after two rounds. BLD then had a great Round 3 and left Fun Sponge three points behind. However, Deb Correia's team made up one point in Round 4 and then even took the lead after Round 5. BLD had the team's comeback in Round 6 resulting in a tie.

Deb Correia said that it had already been a long day, and the decision was made to leave it at that, since most of the team members had a 1.5-hour drive back home.

The Yeah Team, with Monika Brunnenkant, Charles Wesley, Greg Rafuse and Erin Wenzel, ended the day with a 3.3 average. Erin Wenzel attended her first meet with the team, which had also competed in the Rookie Class last year. She made her 100th jump at last weekend's competition and was pied, as Deb Correia confirmed. She was also happy with the meet for another reason: "Of course, any time the weather cooperates for a meet in the Northwest and we can get in all of our jumps, it's a great meet!"

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