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Did You Know...

... that NADS won the Coach's Choice Award of the Midwest Skydiving League?

Author: Steve Lefkowitz - SDC Rhythm XP
posted Jul 8th, 2013 - Skydive Chicago held its first MWSL meet of the 2013 season on June 22, run by this year’s new MWSL director JaNette Lefkowitz and coached by Mikhail Markine, both from SDC Rhythm XP. The event was especially noteworthy since SDC is the location of the USPA Nationals later this year.

With what appears to be the biggest turnout in MWSL history, ten teams took advantage of the opportunity to get a preview of what the big meet will be like. While the official meet was six rounds, three of the teams continued to complete all ten, and a number of them exited from 10,500 feet to simulate the national competition as closely as possible.

The meet included experienced competitors like the Hawks, Jetstream Tango, Accelerando and 55 North, and also brand new teams like Awesome Sandwich and NADS, and pick-up teams like Tails You Lose, Grab on Courtneys 2 Bits, and You Can’t have Funneling without Fun. Skydive Midwest fielded a team for the second year in a row - SDMW Direct Action – a team we expect to see grow over the season.

SDC Accelerando55 North
Coach's Choice Award: NADS
It was exciting to see competitors travel in from all over the region and even across the country to compete, including Earl Coggin flying in from Florida to compete with SDC Accelerando, Greg Malter joining Tails You Lose from Colorado, and the 55 North and NADS crew travelling in from Southern Illinois and St Louis.

A number of teams and individuals stood out at the competition. Participating in their first competition, team NADS stood out with their enthusiasm and their strong improvement over the course of the rounds. That won them the coach’s choice award: $100 off on a tunnel camp with SDC Rhythm XP.

June 22nd, 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAA ClassL,E,C,13J,15,2220,19G,O,11F,1,9K,8,P7,D,MN,14,QB,6,18A,4,21TotalAvg
1SDC Jetstream Tango (US)138910131115991010710.7
2Hawks (US)1068101391310108979.7
3SDC Accelerando (US)86797611688767.6
4SDMW Direct Action (US)734635----284.7
5Tails You Lose (US)432043----162.7
RankA ClassL,E,CJ,P,M19,21G,O,QF,9K,87,DN,2B,6A,4TotalAvg
155 North (US)6456857698646.4
2GraBon Courtneys 2Bits (US)468-------186.0
1Awesome Sandwich (US)486487----376.2
2NADS (US)023420----111.8
3You Cant Have Funneling Without FUN002200----40.7
Best video: Chris Goller (here with SDC Jetstream Tango)
Chris Goller, who shot video for both Jetstream Tango and Tails You Lose, won the Judge’s choice award for his excellent video: a free jump at the DZ of his choice. Daniela Yin Yu was once again an able judge, evaluating all the jumps for the second meet of the season. With a team all-time high score of 10.7, Jetstream Tango won the grand prize of 10 free minutes at the Paraclete XP wind tunnel for coming in first in AA.

Building on the momentum of the first MWSL meet, the second meet of the 2013 season was a great success. We’re looking forward to a continued strong turnout throughout the summer, and can’t wait to see how the competitors grow as they make their way toward Nationals, or just continue to have fun on the local level.

Written by Steve Lefkowitz - SDC Rhythm XP

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