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Did You Know...

... that two teams braved heat and humidity in Virginia?

Original Moulin Orange lineup
posted Jul 10th, 2013 - The Virginia Parachute Council held the first competition of the 2013 season at Skydive Orange, with two home teams attending the meet. VPC Director Elizabeth Kang reported that an additional team from Skydive Suffolk had to cancel at the last minute when a team member could not make the trip to Orange.

Moulin Orange is an Orange based group of girls who are trying to practice 4way on a semi-regular basis. The usual team members are Erin Kruth, the the most experienced 4way competitor in the team, plus Lucie Low, Abby Fistler and Mel Bostwick who have 100 or less jumps each.

Unfortunately, Mel Bostwick had a sinus infection last weekend and could not jump. Moulin Orange called in Abby Fistler's husband Matt who was available and filled the slot. Beer Lights On was essentially a pickup team made up of two relatively experienced (VPC Director Elizabeth Kang and Chad Salo) and two very experienced skydivers (Mike Cotter and Jon Dunn).

July 6th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA Class21,222,191,H,2018,L,86,E,15K,9,PTotalAvg
1Beer Lights On (US)7988812528.7
2Moulin Orange (US)232---72.3
Judge Nancy Gruttman-Tyler at USPA Nationals
Elizabeth Kang said that the plan was to do a minimum of six rounds. However, a member of Moulin Orange developed dehydration given the heat and humidity of the day, and the team could not continue beyond the 3rd round. She said that everyone still enjoyed the meet and that it was a great experience for the younger competitors, despite the difference in experience level between the teams.

The VPC teams had a special guest judge for the meet. Nancy Gruttman-Tyler has judged at national championships before and came to help with her experience and expertise. She also gave great advice to the team videographers, in particular on how to avoid video busts in the future.

The Virginia Parachute Council has two more meets scheduled this year.

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