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Did You Know...

... that the UK Powerhouse keeps building up its strong foundation?

A Class awards at the Sibson Airfield last weekend
posted Jun 11th, 2013 - The A Class competition in the United Kingom last weekend was just as exciting as the races in AAA and AA. One single point separated TR4CK and Equal Pay for Women after the three rounds in Sibson.

Only one of the six teams (Rich and the Chicks) was new on a UK leaderboard. Last weekend's winner TR4CK competed in the Rookie Class last year and placed 6th of 23 teams at the UK Nationals. TR4CK stepped up into the A Class this year and posted the first scores at the World Challenge 2013.

Equal Pay for Women was UK's Rookie Class champion of 2012 who also moved up into the A Class this year. It was no big surprise that both teams would go at each other in the A Class this year. The 1-point battle last weekend promises more super exciting A Class competition to come this year.

Team Tetley
June 8th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3TotalAvg
RankA Class19,KE,29,JTotalAvg
1Tr4ck (UK)1011133411.3
2Equal Pay 4 Women (UK)1111113311.0
3Funnel Vision (UK)6811258.3
4Team Tetley (UK)887237.7
5Entropy (UK)4810227.3
6Rich and the Chicks (UK)479206.7
Funnel Vision at the UKSL May meet
Funnel Vision attended the team's second UKSL meet this year and improved the meet average by a whole point between May and June. Team Tetley was another Rookie Class team of 2012 and won the bronze medals at the World Challenge 2013 in the same category. Team Tetley has now stepped up into the A Class and finished two points behind Funnel Vision.

Entrophy also competed together with the other Rookie Class teams last year and was one single point behind Team Tetley at the national championships. Entrophy turned it around at this year's outdoor season opener in May and won the first meet. Team Tetley then took advantage of Entrophy's lower meet average at the second meet and was back on top again by one single point last weekend. It was Team Tetley's first outdoor meet in the A Class.

Four of last weekend's six A Class teams moved up from the Rookie Class of 2012. The category system is working well in the United Kingdom, and the Formation Skydiving powerhouse continues to build great potential for future world class teams.

June 8th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3TotalAvg
1Royal Navy Sea Fury (UK)6138279.0
2Ice Bank Mice Elf (UK)4105196.3
3Phwoarrrsome (UK)075124.0
4Indecisive We Think (UK)263113.7
5Chatterati (UK)442103.3
Phwoarrrsome at the World Challenge 2013
The newest generation of UK 4way competitors competed with five teams last weekend at the Sibson Airfield. Two of them, Phwoarrrsome and the Royal Navy's Sea Fury lineup, had attended the season opener in May and finished in the same order.

The Navy team took the 1st place this time, as the winner of the first UKSL meet, ChatterChicks, was not present. The 9.0 winning average will be the new benchmark for the upcoming meets.

Phwoarrrsome is the busiest 4way team in the United Kingdom so far this year, together with Bodyflight Isis. Both teams attended the World Challenge 2013 and both outdoor meets. Phwoarrrsome improved the outdoor average by a whole point, despite a 0-pointer in Round 1. The female lineup could soon be in contention for the top spots in the Rookie Class.

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