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Did You Know...

... that Bodyflight Isis and Anti Gravity Ninja Swans defended the top spots in the United Kingdom?

Bronze medals in the AAA Class: Hyrrokkin
image by: Skydive Sibson
posted Jun 10th, 2013 - The bad European weather hit the United Kingdom last weekend and reduced the number of completed rounds for the 20 teams at the Sibson Airfield to three. However, there was still great competition after a lively party on Saturday when many hopes for jumping on Sunday were gone...

The NSL News had reported on 14 May 2013 how AAA Class team Raykipo has progressed through the competition classes year by year in a special way. Raykipo was back in action last weekend and added three more rounds to the team's AAA Class experience, including the second sequence of the UKSL 2013 season with a slot switcher.

This time, Raykipo's AA Class rival of 2012, Hyrrokkin, was also on site and placed ahead once again. Both teams have battled it out four times at outdoor meets so far, and Hyrrokkin has had the upper hand every single time. Last weekend it was closer than ever before.

World Challenge 2013
Hyrrokkin 2012
June 8th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3TotalAvg
RankAAA Class16,19,KE,2,L,J22,9,QTotalAvg
1Bodyflight Isis (UK)1518164916.3
2Dynamite Wolf Squadron (UK)1419154816.0
3Hyrrokkin (UK)1216134113.7
4Raykipo (UK)1217114013.3
5Finger Puppet Mafia (UK)914113411.3
1st place in AAA: Bodyflight Isis
image by: Skydive Sibson
Hyrrokkin has gone through the team's 2-step progression (AA - AAA) in the more traditional way and competed at the World Challenges of 2012 and 2013 in the category of the new year. The indoor event in Bedford has been the end of a cycle for Raykipo. That's the reason why both teams have not competed yet in the same category at the World Challenge.

However, the outdoor battles between the two teams have been exciting enough, and they added the closest one ever last weekend. Hyrrokkin won the team's first AAA Class outdoor competition by one single point over Raykipo after three rounds.

AAA Class winner Bodyflight Isis had more competition this time than at the season opener in May. Dynamite Wolf Squadron was much closer to UK's top team in the female category compared to last year (15.7 - 13.5) at the July meet and beat the Isis average (15.7) at this year's May meet. However, Isis was prepared and went up to 16.3 to save the 1st place finish last weekend.

June 8th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3TotalAvg
RankAA Class19,K,JE,2,L22,9TotalAvg
1Anti Gravity Ninja Swans (UK)111193110.3
2Taranis (IE)11107289.3
3Mental BloX (UK)975217.0
4Fiasco (UK)196165.3
1st place in AA: Anti Gravity Ninja Swans
image by: Skydive Sibson
The NSL News also featured a new AA Class race in the United Kingdom on 15 May 2013. 4mula did not attend the meet last weekend, however, Taranis from Ireland was back to challenge the Anti Gravity Ninja Swans more seriously.

All three British teams of last weekend's meet and 4mula competed together in the A Class last year, and Taranis has attended all three meets on UK turf this year in the AA Class, including the World Challenge 2013.

The Anti Gravity Ninja Swans have the top position after two first places at the outdoor meets, and Raykipo was the only UK team ahead at the World Challenge. The AA Class competition in the United Kingdom will be as exciting this year as it was expected to be after the results of the first meet. The NSL News will follow up with details of the A and Rookie Class competition.

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