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Did You Know...

... that the Swiss Peanuts started in the A Class of 2010?

Max Thiele (Center Inside) with Schmetterding
image by: Andreas Troegele
posted Jun 9th, 2013 - The seven teams at the Paranodon Cup 2013 completed all ten rounds in Illertissen, Germany, on Sunday. One of the teams visited from Switzerland and barely managed to carry a 1-point advantage over the finish line.

It was a great battle between Germany and Switzerland. Paranodon Senior and Peanuts were separated only once by three points and between one and two points away from each other throughout the rest of the 10-round meet. Germany (Paratec-Saar) was the winner between those two countries (VIVA) at the Mondial Dubai 2012, and one member of the German national team in Dubai witnessed the Swiss success on German home turf this weekend.

Max Thiele was the player coach for Schmetterding who were the third team in the AAA Class competition. Schmetterding started in the A Class of 2011 and had moved up into the AAA Class at the German Nationals 2012 with a female lineup.

Paranodon Cup 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class16,19,KE,2,L,J22,9,QM,O,P,1817,C,3D,21,N,F5,8,1514,A,11B,6,1310,1,HTotalAvg
1Peanuts (CH)11141114(-1)1115109109(-1)11411.4
2Paranodon Senior (DE)111611149(-2)13991110(-1)11311.3
3Schmetterding (DE)6118139126878888.8
RankAA Class19,K,JE,2,L22,9M,O,P,18C,Q,F,GD,21,N8,1514,A,11B,6,131,H,4TotalAvg
1Pacmen (DE)8108126107598838.3
RankA Class19,KE,29,JM,O,PC,Q,FD,218,LA,G,7B,6H,4TotalAvg
1Tegernsair (DE)5(-2)576675762565.6
1Paranodon Junior (DE)8668225856565.6
3Super Heavy Duty (DE)5465536567525.2
Peanuts at the World Challenge 2013
The Peanuts were the only team at the Paranodon Cup attending the second meet this year. The Swiss team had also competed at the World Challenge 2013, which was the second trip to Bedford for the Peanuts.

The team name appeared for the first time on the NSL leaderboard in the German A Class competition of 2010. Simone Bootz, Sylvia Schlaphof, Beat Kaltenrieder and Freddy Mair then came back next year in the AA Class competition of the World Challenge 2011 and won the bronze medals with a 15.9 average.

The Peanuts did not post any scores on NSL leaderboards in 2012 and came back again in the next higher category this year in Bedford. This weekend's 11.4 average is still far behind the VIVA pace. However, the indoor performance gives the Peanuts an impression what lies ahead to get to the Swiss top level.

Peanuts at the Paranodon Cup 2013
image by: Andreas Troegele
The competition in the A Class was even tighter than the race in the AAA Class. All three teams posted or shared highscores for any of the ten rounds.

Even Super Heavy Duty in 3rd place was ready to take on the two winning teams in the last four rounds. In fact, the team won three of those rounds at the end of the meet after a slow start.

Tegernsair and Paranodon Junior exchanged blows from the beginning to the end and eventually ended up tied in 1st place. Judge and Meet Director EXI reported that there was neither enough time left for a jump-off round nor good enough weather to send both teams up again. Tegernsair went from the Rookie Class of 2012 to the shared 1st place in the A Class this weekend.

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