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Did You Know...

... that local 4way veterans try to defend the Paranodon home turf against a Swiss challenger?

EXI conducts the open meeting at the Mondial Dubai 2012
posted Jun 9th, 2013 - The German teams competing this weekend at the Paranodon Cup are much luckier with the weather situation. The NSL News reported on 2 June 2013 that Germany was under water last weekend, and the teams at the Nord Cup completed only one round, while the Northern German Championship was completely weathered out.

Many areas in Germany are still flooded, however, the weather situation in the southern part of Germany was much better this weekend, and seven teams completed six of the scheduled ten rounds on Saturday.

Dr. Rainer "EXI" Hoenle, FAI Judge, President of the German skydiving federation, IPC Delegate and member of the Formation Skydiving Committee, provided the NSL News with scores and information. He was judging some of the German 4way and 8way competitors from long ago who are competing in the Paranodon Senior lineup.

Paranodon Cup 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7TotalAvg
RankAAA Class16,19,KE,2,L,J22,9,QM,O,P,1817,C,3D,21,N,F5,8,15TotalAvg
1Peanuts (CH)111411141115108612.3
2Paranodon Senior (DE)1116111491398311.9
3Schmetterding (DE)6118139126659.3
RankAA Class19,K,JE,2,L22,9M,O,P,18C,Q,F,GD,21,N8,15TotalAvg
1Pacmen (DE)8108126107618.7
RankA Class19,KE,29,JM,O,PC,Q,FD,218,LTotalAvg
1Tegernsair (DE)557667-366.0
2Paranodon Junior (DE)866822-325.3
3Super Heavy Duty (DE)546553-284.7
13+ average: German 4way team of 1989
Robert Trögele (Center Outside) and Alwin Ampssler (Center Inside) competed for national medals in the 80s and are still enjoying 4way competition. The Paranodon Seniors are in fact just as competitive as they were earlier in their careeres, as they battle it out this weekend with the young Swiss Peanuts lineup.

Alwin Ampssler is a German national 4way and 8way champion of 1988 who helped lifting the performance and 4way scoring level from a 6+ average until 1987 to well above the 10-average benchmark in 1988. His team won 4way and 8way gold in 1988. Germany then posted a 13+ average at the World Meet 1989 in Spain after a 6+ average in Brazil 1987 where Judge EXI competed for Germany in 8way. Robert Trögele's son Andreas is filming the Paranodon Seniors.

EXI reported that Peanuts lost a point in Round 4 due to the video angle on exit. Paranodon Senior then lost two points in the following round. The 3-point race between the visiting Peanuts and the locals after Round 7 continues on Sunday.

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