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Did You Know...

... that NMP-PCH Hayabusa and the new Evolution lineup will have their first outdoor showdown during the Paraclete XP double header 2014?

New Evolution lineup at the World Challenge 2013
posted May 31st, 2013 - The NSL News reported on 11 May 2013 that Paraclete XP owners Tim and John D'Annunzio have agreed to change the dates for the Paraclete XP Indoor and Outdoor Championships 2014 and move them so close to each other that teams from overseas will have the opportunity to attend both events.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa was the first top team to confirm attendance as soon as the word was out. Canada's world class team Evolution has now confirmed, as well, which brings two of the top contenders for gold medals at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 together at the beginning of the 2014 season.

The Paraclete XP Indoor Championship has not attracted national 4way teams from other countries to Raeford in the past years. Only XL's Pete Allum and Steve Hamilton competed with two other US XL members (Andy Delk, Brian Johnson) in 2012 and finished in 2nd place. Hayabusa and Evolution are now lifting the event to a new international competition level.

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NMP-PCH Hayabusa at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2013
The national teams from Belgium and Canada are not new to the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship. Hayabusa has attended the competition in DeLand several times, and Evolution took the 3rd place this year in March.

Neither team has won the event yet, which will be crucial in 2014. The history has shown that the winner of the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship/Shamrock Showdown will also become the next 4way world champion.

The most recent examples were Arizona Airspeed in 2008 and 2012, while Aerodyne Aerokart won both events for France in 2010. NMP-PCH Hayabusa was five points behind Arizona Airspeed at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2012 and ended up one single point behind in 2nd place at the Mondial Dubai 2012. France finished 3rd at Paraclete and 3rd in Dubai. Hayabusa has competed against Evolution's new lineup only once at the World Challenge 2013. The Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014 could become the first outdoor confronation.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa
World Challenge 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassO,E,J,K,3M,Q,A,144,6,168,18,NH,19,122,7,1311,C,P,915,D,10L,F,17,G20,1,22TotalAvg
1NMP-PCH Hayabusa (BE)40(-1)37252828253725(-2)42(-1)20(-2)30730.7
2Evolution (CA)393624(-1)2321(-3)22(-1)33(-1)24(-2)37(-1)2128028.0
Coaching in Toronto: Katie Woods, here with Vincent Lemay and Amelie Tirman
Martin Lemay also informed the NSL News that his team is heavily involved in promoting 4way competition in the meantime. The team members, his brothers Vincent and Benoit and Katie Woods, are busy organizing events in Canada, while he is working on this year's national championships on home turf at NouvelAir near Montreal.

Adam Gibson, manager of a new 4way competition at the Parachute School of Toronto, informed the NSL News that Katie Woods will be the event coach:

"We will be hosting our first annual Epic 4-way formation skydiving event. It will be a 6-round event with Intermediate and Open Class categories. Skydivers who are interested in learning more about 4-way competition or are Looking for team members and a last training weekend before the Canadian Nationals are welcome." The competition is scheduled for July 6.

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