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Did You Know...

... that Czech teams provided video evidence of the poor weather conditions last weekend?

Cloudy conditions in Round 1 in Pribram
image by: Terez Tumova
posted May 30th, 2013 - Yesterday's NSL News update pointed out how unfortunate teams were with the weather situation last weekend, especially at Skydive Twin Cities in the Northern Plains and in Pribram in the Czech Republic.

There is evidence now how challenging the weather situation was in the Czech Republic. League manager Jan Klapka provided the NSL News with two videos, which were attempts to get a few more jumps done. Best of Relative and Zoonte both tried for Round 3 without much success.

Judges Vaclav Cervinka, Josef Pich and Michaela Hasilova were not able to see enough for a reasonable evaluation, and no scores for Round 3 were added to the leaderboard.

May 18th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankA ClassO,21C,6N,P,9M,D,Q8,E7,HTotalAvg
1Zoonte (CZ)11109(17)(8)(11)3010.0
2Teiwaz A (US)8711(8)(6)(8)268.7
3DeLand Slide (US)657(7)(6)(8)186.0
4Miami Exuberance (US)1123---165.3
4Bestie (CZ)637(8)(3)(5)165.3
4Bubles (CZ)754(6)(1)(2)165.3
74aholz (US)743(7)--144.7
On top in the A Class: Zoonte
The review of the videos also shows that both teams were actually performing the A Class sequences, while they were first placed on the AA Class leaderboard. The correction changes the rankings on last weekend's overall leaderboard in the AA and A Class.

However, Zoonte still accomplished the same success as reported on 27 May 2013. The Czech team took the 1st place on the overall leaderboards of two consecutive weekends with exactly the same 11.0 meet average - after six rounds on May 18th and after two rounds last weekend.

Best of Relative was moved from the AA Class leaderboard to the A Class, as well, and also ended up on the same spot.

Best of Relative
May 25th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankA Class F,219,KO,C,G19,HM,8E,2TotalAvg
1Zoonte (CZ)INT1111----2211.0
255 North (US)MWSL75----126.0
3CSC Flashpoint (US)MWSL44----84.0
3Best of Relative (CZ)INT35----84.0
Stand-by situation in Pribram
image by: Maka Hejna
The move still changed the situation on the overall leaderboards. The AA Class competition turned out to be an internal US affair, and the two Midwest Skydiving League teams outscored the two teams from the Northern Plains.

The two Midwest teams in the A Class were by themselves so far and before it now turned into an international leaderboard. Zoonte took away the top spot from CSC Flashpoint to complete the double winner on the two consecutive weekends.

The weather forecast for the upcoming meet weekend in Europe is once again not very promising. Germany's 4way teams have two meets scheduled, and chances are not that great for the completion of all rounds. Several European skydivers reported that it has been a bad weather season so far. Finland is alse holding the second meet this year, and teams in California will compete in Elsinore this time.

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