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Did You Know...

... that the Northwest at iFLY Seattle is closing in on Florida at iFLY Orlando?

12-foot flight chamber at SkyVenture New Hampshire
posted Jun 1st, 2013 - May is over, and all scores of the Indoor Cloud League are posted, together with the best videos of all sequences for the six categories.

The AAA Class teams had to master Block 18 (Zircon - Zircon) for the first time in the 12-foot flying chambers of iFLY Seattle, iFLY Orlando and SkyVenture New Hampshire, and the 6-point sequence also brought Block 6 to the AAA Class lineups.

The teams used different techniques to execute Block 18. The Northwest Skydiving League competitors applied a horizontal maneuver, while Ari Perelman and his assistant coaches went vertical at iFLY Orlando, as well as Brian Touhey's AAA Class lineup at SkyVenture New Hampshire. The AAA Class was one of only two categories where the Florida Skydiving League was able to outscore the Northwest in the May competition.

iFLY Seattle - AAA
iFLY Orlando - AAA
May 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1NWSL/iFLY Seattle191921222119121
2FSL/iFLY Orlando21(-1)1717(-1)172318113
3SkyVenture New Hampshire1514196(-1)3(-1)865
Not enough: Florida's Rookie AA Class winners
Deb Correia and her six lineups won the other four categories and the whole competition by eight points. Brian Touhey of the New England group at SkyVenture New Hampshire finished once again in 3rd place after joining the monthly Indoor Cloud League competition in March this year. The Northwest closed in on Florida with the May victory, and Florida is still up by a point (3 - 2) after the first five months of the year.

Deb Correia, David Zhang, Carolyn Chow and Michael Biederman lost two points to Ari Perelman's AAA Class lineup and won back the same number of points in the AA Class where Florida had a different lineup. The Northwest group then had the strongest performances in the A Class (Steve Platt, Denis Pershakov, Laura Brown, Carolyn Chow) and the Rookie AAA Class (Andrey Ulanov, Michael Simpson, Carolyn Chow, Michael Biederman) and combined for a 9-point advantage.

Florida won the Rookie AA Class and gave away only one point in the Rookie A Class, but it was not enough to make up for the losses in the other two categories.

iFLY Seattle - A ClassiFLY Orlando - A Class
Lost the May competition: Florida group at iFLY Orlando
There are six different sequences every month, and the participating groups have the whole month to produce videos and scores of the best performances for each sequence. The organizers invite their participants to any indoor activity and practice the sequences as much as they want. Then they submit the highest scores and videos at any time and until a week before the end of the month at the latest. Each group may then still follow up with more scores and videos until the last day of the month.

The lineups are flexible, and the organizers may put them together according to common sense, based on experiences and skills. Player coaches are defined by a 13+ average in the AAA Class at any outdoor meet or a 17+ average at any tunnel meet. Participants have to move up into the next category after scoring a 20-pointer or higher twice in the same category.

June 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal

The sequences for the month of June are posted and are coming from SkyVenture New Hampshire this time.

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