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Did You Know...

... that Midwest and Czech Republic were far in distance but close in weather?

Overcast skies in the Midwest: A Class team 55North
posted May 29th, 2013 - Last weekend's leaderboard is complete and shows that bad weather had a serious impact at all three locations (Midwest, Northern Plains, Czech Republic).

Chicagoland Skydiving Center and Pribram in the Czech Republic are very far away from each other and still had both only two complete rounds.

The situation in the Midwest was even worse, as only two teams had 35 seconds of working time in the whole meet (Round 2 in the AA Class). All other jumps were made from reduced altitude, and the scores have been extrapolated from 20/25 seconds to 35 seconds.

May 25th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAAA Class F,21,123,9,2010,O,517,14,19M,8,G,KE,15,2TotalAvg
1Relative Team (CZ)INT97----168.0
1Bad Boys (CZ)INT88----168.0
3Fourcast (US)NPSL86(7)(6)(10)-147.0
4Hvezdy (CZ)INT83----115.5
RankAA Class F,21,K9,20O,22,C14,19M,8,GE,15,2TotalAvg
1Zoonte (CZ)INT1111----2211.0
2CSC Survival Instinct (US)MWSL118----199.5
3CSC Inferno (US)MWSL86----147.0
4PIIA (US)NPSL85(3)(2)(2)-136.5
5Those Guys (US)NPSL63(2)(3)--94.5
6Best of Relative (CZ)INT35----84.0
RankA Class F,219,KO,C,G19,HM,8E,2TotalAvg
155 North (US)MWSL75----126.0
2CSC Flashpoint (US)MWSL44----84.0
RankRookie F,D,LK,B,QO,C,GH,A,PM,N,FE,J,BTotalAvg
1Now Call (US)MWSL44----84.0
2Turn N Burn (US)MWSL22----42.0
3Prilehave Kombosky (CZ)INT12----31.5
4Honey Badgers (US)NPSL21003281.3
53Ring Circus (US)NPSL00010-10.2
Overcast skies in the Czech Republic
Extrapolation and different numbers of completed rounds once again changed only very little on the overall leaderboard. Those Guys switched positions with Best of Relatives in the AA Class, and Now Call would have the 1st place in the Rookie Class even with the scores after only 20 seconds of working time (2 - 2).

The Czech teams took and kept the first places in the AAA and AA Class, while MWSL teams won the other two categories. The AAA Class had the closest field, and the two Czech teams shared the top position. NPSL team Fourcast was only two points behind the leader in 3rd place.

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