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Did You Know...

... that FournicaterZ got help from a Hottentotsgot at last weekend's meet?

Complete Pyro4ic lineup at the FSL May Tunnel Kicker
posted May 21st, 2013 - Last weekend's Rookie Class leaderboard is showing only four teams of the Florida Skydiving League. Several of the competitors became 4way fans after participating at the monthly FSL Tunnel Kicker, where FSL indoor head coach Ari Perelman and his assistant coaches turn skydivers into 4way flyers and 4way flyers into competitors.

In fact, the winner of last weekend's Rookie Class competition, Pyro4ic from Skydive City in Z-Hills, competed for the Florida Skydiving League at this month's Indoor Cloud League competition and posted a 21-pointer in the Rookie AA Class without using a player coach. The video of the great indoor performance was not posted since another lineup with player coach Robert Chromy (Craig Sagelow, Robert Harris, Mikaela Fernandez) scored higher with a 23-pointer. The video of Pyro4ic's indoor performance can now be reviewed below.

Craig Sagalow and Rob Harris came back with 4aholz in the A Class last weekend, together with Zunday member Gary Fox whose team did not attend, while Pyro4ic competed once again in the Rookie Class, this time jumping from an air plane.

DeLand Bees
May 18th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
1Pyro4ic (US)483769376.2
2DeLand Bees (US)225655254.2
3The Team from MIA (US)3422--112.8
4FournicaterZ (US)00212-51.0
FournicatorZ help by a Praying Mantis
Coach and meet director Bob Byrne reported from Skydive City that the meet was cut short by inclement weather. He also said that Pyro4ic had a personnel change for the outdoor competition. Local veteran skydiver Charlie Hammond replaced Fred Bonneville who had a last-minute health issue.

Team FournicaterZ had a lineup change, as well. David Evans has joined the team project and replaced Rob Harris. Erica Gorski switched her slot to accommodate the change. Erica Gorski recently made the NSL News on 10 May 2013 when she went from 1-on-1 training to 4way competition the same evening at the last FSL Tunnel Kicker.

Bob Byrne said that FournicaterZ continue to make great progress due to the coaching at the FSL Tunnel Kicker at iFLY Orlando and at the FSL meets. He added that they also received some good luck from a Hottentotsgot (Praying Mantis) who settled at a sweet spot during a creeping session...

Dubai Nexus and DeLand Bees members watch VFS 4way jumps
The DeLand Bees have the longest trip to attend the meets in Florida, as they reside in Georgia. The team consists of a group of former bigway fans who decided to sharpen their skills by taking on 4way training and competition later in their skydiving careers and lives.

Coach Robert Chromy has been helping the DeLand Bees to get the project on the way, and the team is excited and passionate moving forward. Center Inside Keith Brock, whose wife Debi is the team's Point, explained that the Bees plan to get to a consistent 10-average performance in the Rookie Class before moving up into the A Class with the first set of blocks.

The VFS 4way team Dubai Nexus happened to be in DeLand for training on the meet weekend, and both teams shared their thoughts and experiences with each other. The DeLand Bees were fascinated with the different visuals and impressed by the VFS 4way skills, while the Nexus members had encouraging words for the belly flyers. It was an unusual and special conversation between one of the VFS 4way top contenders in the world and a new Rookie Class team in the traditional 4way event. The NSL News will soon follow up with Dubai Nexus news.

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