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Did You Know...

... that DeLand Slide competed first time with the complete lineup?

Only US team in the AA Class: SDC Accelerando
posted May 20th, 2013 - The leaderboard of last weekend's meets is complete and shows 38 teams. France controls the AAA and AA part of it, while teams from the USA and the Czech Republic fill the A and Rookie Class rankings. The French categories reach down only to the AA Class, which national coach Jeremie Rollett synchronized two years ago with the NSL Network.

One US team broke into the French AA Class rankings and took the 6th place of 15 teams. SDC Accelerando, with SDC Rhythm XP's player coach JaNette Lefkowitz, posted a 6.7 average at the new team's first meet.

The A Class competition was a battle between Florida and teams of the Czech Republic, while the Rookie Class was an internal Florida affair. The Czech team Zoonte took the 1st place after posting the highscores in four of the six completed rounds.

May 18th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankA ClassO,21C,6N,P,9M,D,Q8,E7,HTotalAvg
1Zoonte (CZ)11109(17)(8)(11)3010.0
2Teiwaz A (US)8711(8)(6)(8)268.7
3DeLand Slide (US)657(7)(6)(8)186.0
4Miami Exuberance (US)1123---165.3
4Bestie (CZ)637(8)(3)(5)165.3
4Bubles (CZ)754(6)(1)(2)165.3
74aholz (US)743(7)--144.7
A Class rivals: DeLand Slide and Teiwaz members
The different numbers of completed rounds in three of the four categories did not change the rankings in the AA and the Rookie Class. The situation in the A Class was different after three rounds, and the leaderboard needed some adjustments.

The Czech team Bubles gave the bottom position to 4aholz even though the team from Z-Hills won back another point in Round 4. Three teams ended up tied in 4th place after three rounds. Miami Exuberance shared the highscore for Round 1 with Zoonte and then changed the lineup to introduce a new 4way competitor to some of the A Class blocks. Pam Manos reported that the scores went down but fun factor and spirits in the team were amazing.

The three Czech teams appeared for the first time on an NSL leaderboard, even though the Czech Republic has been participating for many years. Reason is the extension of the Czech 4way league, as Prostejov has joined the group of event hosts in a different region. Prostejov is the host of the World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014, and the league extension will also grow 4way competition nationwide.

DeLand SlideTeiwaz A
Skydive Sebastian
Skydive DeLand
Skydive City
Skydive Miami
Newest Teiwaz members: Merlin Saareste - Andres Villemson
Teiwaz won the internal Florida Skydiving League competition in the A Class with a new lineup after a race with DeLand Slide. Teiwaz had the better start and won the meet in the three opening rounds. DeLand Slide got closer in Round 4 and eventually matched the Teiwaz scores in the last two rounds.

Both teams were in the same situation. DeLand Slide competed for the first time with the complete lineup after very little previous training. Teiwaz has traditionally a lineup that gets together for the first time on meet day.

This time, original Teiwaz member Kurt Gaebel had three new members in the lineup. Jim Prochaska trains and will compete with DeLand DeLand. Merlin Saareste (200 jumps) and Andres Villemson (500 jumps) were visitors from Estonia who had attended a 4way tunnel camp with XL member Pete Allum this year. They attended their first 4way competition with Teiwaz and contributed impressively to the A Class duel with DeLand Slide. Now they are eager to form their own 4way team in Estonia...

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