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Did You Know...

... that Dubai Nexus is back with a new lineup for 2013?

Dubai Nexus training in DeLand
posted May 23rd, 2013 - The NSL News mentioned yesterday that Dubai Nexus visited DeLand for a 1-week training camp. It ended on the meet weekend of the Florida Skydiving League, and the local FSL teams in the traditional 4way category had the opportunity to see the VFS 4way silver medalist of the Mondial Dubai 2012 in action.

Dubai Nexus easily completed over a hundred jumps during the training week and provided some up-to-date footage for the NSL News.

The NSL News also had the opportunity for a brief conversation with the complete lineup at the end of a training day. Team captain Jason Russell answered most of the questions and explained the current situation in the VFS 4way world.

Training JumpsNSL Talk
VFS 4way awards at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championships 2013
Dubai Nexus had upset the US national VFS 4way team SDC Standard XP (US) at the Mondial Dubai 2012 and taken away the silver medals that the USA had won in Menzelinsk 2010. Nexus confirmed the results of the world meet a few weeks later at iFLY Singapore where the French world champions in this 4way category, Team4speed, were not present.

The first VFS 4way competition in 2013 brought the French team back to the top at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championships. It was officially the last competition for the French team who came to Raeford for a farewell event and a thank you note to Paraclete.

However, Jason Russell updated the NSL News during the NSL Talk conversation that Team4speed had a change of mind and new plans. A sponsorship agreement with Skydive Dubai in cooperation with the skydiving center in Empuriabrava now allows the French team to continue.

Mondial Dubai 2012Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8TotalAvg
RankAAA ClassA,11,13J,14,165,1,717,F,96,8,DN,C,M,L,132,10,4E,B,H,I,GTotalAvg
1Team4speed XP (FR)302325192322212218523.1
2Dubai Nexus (AE)312822182318172017722.1
3SDC Standard XP (US)292322171921181916821.0
4Evolution (CA)231813121516111412215.3
Dubai Nexus 2012 lineup at the Mondial in Dubai
Dubai Nexus is glad to see Team4speed coming back this year. The competition between the same four top teams (France - UAE - USA - Canada) guarantees exciting VFS 4way battles this year and in 2014.

The Canadian VFS 4way team Evolution continues with the same lineup that competed in Singapore shortly after the Mondial 2012 (Benoit LeMay, Martin LeMay, Vincent LeMay, Jean-Christophe Ouimet), while Dubai Nexus and Team4speed both have personnel changes. Derek Cox has replaced Rob Jones for Dubai Nexus who is focusing on dynamic 4way this year. Derek Cox has trained and competed in Dynamic 4way and now switched to VFS 4way. The new videos are showing that Nexus continues on the same performance level as in 2012.

Jason Russell sees not only the French team as the main competition on the top level. He also expects the Canadian team getting closer to the currently two best VFS 4way teams in the world - if they don't get too distracted by training and competing in traditional 4way at the same time...

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