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Skydive City

Skydive City
813 (783-9399)
800 (404-9399)
813 (782-0599)

Schedule of Events | See all Skydive City events
league discipline title date venue
Florida FS4 Meet 1 Feb 10th, 2024 Skydive City

General Information: Skydive City is one of the World's Premiere Skydiving Centers. We cater to skydivers and students from all of the continents. In business since 1989, Skydive City is carrying on the long tradition of high quality skydiving, training and fun that has been in Zephyrhills since the 1960's. We are a USPA affiliated dropzone with a solid staff of high quality Instructors, all with various USPA, CSPA, and BPA Instructional ratings. Whether you jump Tandem or AFF, work with our coaches to improve your skills, or learn something new - like freeflying from the Total Body Pilot School of Freeflying, or train for a Tandem Instructional Rating - you are sure to receive the finest instruction and care at Skydive City.

Home Team(s): AweZomeness, Citizens, DiZturbia, H Hills Commandos, Last Minute Z, PC4, Skydive City, Team DiZaster, Z Hills Commandos, Z Hooligans, Z-Hills CTRL-Z, Z-Team 12 Fluid OZ

Regular Aircraft: Twinotters

On-Site Services: Gear Sales / Rentals, Rigging Services, Videographers, Organizers, Food, Camping, Showers, RV Hookups, Swoop Pond

Venue Website: http://www.skydivecity.com       Venue Email: info@skydivecity.com

Location:4241 Skydive Lane • Zephyrhills, FL • 33542 • USA

Most Recent Scores at this venue | See all scores
Feb 10th, 2024
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Avg
Rank AA Class 11,15 M,A,4 E,21,20 K,B,G,D 22,N,H 6,19 Total Avg
1 4Action  US  FSL 3    11    8    10    9    6 -1  47 7.8
Rank A Class D,O,8 M,A,4 E,21 K,B,G N,H,C 6,19 Total Avg
1 Waitin' on a Woman  US  FSL 4    6    6 -1 6    5    -     27 5.4
Rank Rookie D,O,Q M,A,F E,L,J K,B,G N,H,C P,M,E Total Avg
1 KamikaZe  US  FSL 5    7    5    5    6    -     28 5.6