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Did You Know...

... that NMP-PCH Hayabusa is trying to win the new Paraclete XP Indoor and Outdoor double header in 2014?

Awards at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014
posted May 11th, 2013 - The NSL News has brought the annual Shamrock Showdown to the online audience ever since the event was created in 2001. The current website offers event information in the archives that goes back to the 2004 competition. The Shamrock Showdown became the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship when Paraclete XP became the main event sponsor in 2012.

The annual Paraclete XP Indoor Championship has been a part of the NSL News event coverage since this event was created in 2008.

The indoor competition has been taking place in Raeford at the beginning of February, while the outdoor event has always been scheduled for mid March in DeLand, close to the St. Patrick's Day, which gave the Shamrock Showdown its event name. Many teams from overseas have attended the outdoor competition, while the indoor meet was mostly a US 4way affair before teams from France began to visit for the 8way competition.

Paraclete XP Indoor: Arizona Airspeed
Paraclete XP Outdoor: Arizona Airspeed
Paraclete Indoor 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
Rank4way Open/AAA18,O,219,9,13A,8,D,J10,F,Q,22M,C,4,B3,L,2017,12,511,1,EN,16,1421,K,H,6TotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed (US)2326312533232523232926126.1
2Just In Time (US)2223312331212323212724524.5
3SDC Rhythm XP (US)2423272333212122212524024.0
Awards at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014
Paraclete XP's sponsorship of the outdoor competition in DeLand has now opened the door for a very powerful double header combination that will be launched for the first time next year. Paraclete XP owners Tim and John D'Annunzio have agreed to change the dates for both events and move them so close to each other that teams from overseas will have the opportunity to attend both meets.

The Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014 will be the opening event of an exciting training and competition week. It is scheduled for the March 1 weekend and traditionally begins with the first five rounds on Friday.

The outdoor competition in DeLand follows on the next weekend and begins on Friday, March 7th. Teams from overseas will now be able to attend two of the most exciting events in the world and combine them with indoor and outdoor training within a time period of only ten days for the whole package.

World Challenge 2013: NMP-PCH Hayabusa
Mondial Dubai 2012: NMP-PCH Hayabusa
Paraclete Outdoor 2013Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankAAA Class6,17,15B,11,1618,N,229,4,FJ,E,C,3K,O,12,M5,D,8Q,13,14G,7,H,101,20,21TotalAvg
1Arizona Airspeed (US)2123192833202219251922922.9
2Barkli (RU)2022212727272218211922422.4
3Evolution (CA)1721162827242120191620920.9
Trying to win the 2014 double header: NMP-PCH Hayabusa
One world class team has already scheduled both events in the 2014 calendar of a very important year. The 2014 season is the on-year for the national teams who represent their countries at the World Championship of Formation Skydiving, which will take place in Prostejov, Czech Republic next year.

NMP-PCH Hayabusa is the unofficial indoor world champion after winning the World Challenge three consecutive times in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The Belgian national team also missed the 4way outdoor gold medals at the Mondial Dubai 2012 only by an inch and is eager to take the 1st place in Prostejov next year.

Hayabusa has confirmed the Paraclete XP double header in the first week of March and will try to win both events for the first time. The first place at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship will guarantee the gold medals at the world meet - at least according to the records and the history books...

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