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Did You Know...

... that Erica Gorski went from 1-on-1 to 4way last night at i FLY Orlando?

Participants last night at iFLY Orlando
posted May 10th, 2013 - The New England group at SkyVenture New Hampshire was the first one to post new scores and videos for the month of May in the Indoor Cloud League. Brian Touhey, Jeff Atherton, Chris Civie and Beth Lahr York executed both sequences for the AAA (15) and the AA Class (14).

The Florida group followed up just a few days later at iFLY Orlando and posted scores in all six categories last night. The videos still need to be edited and will be uploaded shortly. The participating Indoor Cloud League groups now have time until the end of the month to improve the scores.

FSL indoor head coach Ari Perelman once again guided all participants of the FSL Tunnel Kicker through the competition sequences, together with his assistant coaches Robert Chromy, Gilles Dutrisac and Kurt Gaebel. The four coaches also competed in the AAA Class for Florida and posted a 21-pointer after a 1-point deduction.

May 2013AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1FSL/iFLY Orlando21(-1)1717(-1)172318113
1NWSL/iFLY Seattle-------
1SkyVenture New Hampshire1514-----
Waiting for her turn: Erica Gorski
The story of the night at iFLY Orlando was about a new indoor flyer, Erica Gorski, who began the progression to her first 4way session with 1-on-1 training. The video shows how Ari Perelman prepared the first-time competitor for her first 4way experience in the wind tunnel.

Erica Gorski had a few flying sessions with Ari Perelman while the other assistant coaches were preparing the other seven lineups for the competition sequences at the end of Thursday's late night flying time. Her progression was impressive enough to convince the head coach that she would be able to master the Rookie A Class sequences in her first 4way experience.

Her lineup (Erica Gorski, Mikaela Fernandez, Ari Perelman, Gilles Dutrisac) was the only one in this category, and the Florida group depended on the group's performance for the total score. The 18-pointer was a great start into Erica Gorski's 4way career, and the video of her competition round will show how well she mastered the challenge.

First 4way indoor experience in the Rookie A Class
Ari Perelman set up all participants in eight different lineups, which created internal competition for the best scores in the AA Class and in the Rookie AA Class. Yvonne Saa, Emily Zastrow, Drew Zastrow and player coach Ari Perelman outscored Hal Spence, Jim Prochaska, Martin McKerrell and player coach Gilles Dutrisac 17 : 13 and are responsible for the Florida score in this category.

Player coach Robert Chromy guided Craig Sagelow, Robert Harris and Mikaela Fernandez to the 23-pointer in the Rookie AA Class. FSL team Pyro4ic were only shortly behind. Rebecca Kristof, Matthew Hillson, Grant Underland and Frederic Bonneville scored their 21-pointer without the help of a player coach.

Florida's total score of 113 points is lower than in the previous months and may open a door for the competitive Nortwest group at iFLY Seattle. Ari Perelman may have to call the group back together later this month...

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