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Did You Know...

... that XL is in trouble?

XL in trouble
posted Apr 6th, 2013 - It has never happened in the history of the World Challenge that XL did not place withing the Top 4 which are traditionally the money slots at Bodyflight Bedford. This time, XL may not have the resources at the end of the meet to buy the beer and celebrate. XL is in trouble.

XL has competed in Bedford with different lineups since 2007 and always won some cash of the total jackpot, sometimes even for the 2nd place. At the moment and after Round 8, XL would end up in 5th place and would go home empty handed.

The XL hopes for the day and the second half of the meet were supported by a great start in Round 6. Round 7 was bad news, and the 21-pointer for Round 8 that was first posted would have been the end of the XL road this year. However, the judges took a second look at the XL video of Round 8 and gave back three points. XL is back in the game.

Tough battle: Brian "BK" Krause and Brian Johnson
It's still a tough one though. XL is two points behind Paraclete XP4 before Round 9. Both teams had good performances, and the latest scores will show whether XL still has a chance or not. Gavroches Maubeuge in 3rd place is not a part of this battle after a great meet for the second half of the French national 8way team.

XL has also shaken off Thunder who gave the Bodyflight home team a good competition. Pete Allum, Steve Hamilton, John McIver and Brian Johnson are only looking forward and at the US team in front on the leaderboard.

Thunder has enough work fending off the Russian top team in Bedford, SportLoto. There is one single point behind the two teams who were the best unofficial amateur teams of 2012. The scores of Round 9 will define who will have to go hard and take chances and who can take it a little bit easier.

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