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Did You Know...

... that teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League get ready for the trip to Eloy?

posted Oct 10th, 2008 - NSL-TV has uploaded the next complete round of meet videos and follows up on the previous coverage of the September meet of the Florida Skydiving League. The videos of Round 3 feature again all seven teams at Skydive City in Zephyrhills.
Sebastian Tempest's Round 3 at the FSL September meet - see video
The two teams who will travel to Arizona and the USPA Nationals 2008 this week present the sequences of Round 3 in the AAA Class (Sebastian Tempest) and the AA Class (FSC Wind Damaged).
NSL Playoffs 2008 competition at Skydive City
There are more FSL competitors who will compete in Eloy, including several Teiwaz members. Rodney Cruce and James "Bu" Klinge join forces once again with Golden Knight Sean Sweeney who competed with Teiwaz at the Paraclete XP Money Meet 2008.
FSC Wind Damaged's Round 3 at the FSL September meet - see video
Sean Sweeney with Teiwaz at the Paraclete XP Money Meet
They US 8-way team, who won the silver medals at the World Meet 2008, will have a reunion at the USPA Nationals, and Sean Sweeney plans to compete in 4-way, as well. Former Fastrax member Billy Andrews, who has also competed for Teiwaz a few times in the past, will probably fill the 4th slot.

Bob Byrne, who was in the Center Outside position for Teiwaz at the September meet, will help FSC Wind Damaged to get the best out of this year's efforts in Eloy. He has been coaching the team from Lake Wales throughout the 2008 season. Bob Byrne will also compete in 8-way with one of the Perris Fury 8-way lineups.

Sebastian Tempest with the NSL Shugar Cup
The FSL teams in the A Class and the Rookie Class will have their championship event at SkyQuest 2008 in November. Teams from other leagues (Carolina, Colorado, New England) have already confirmed their participation and will challenge the FSL top contenders, Zero Tolerance Miami in the A Class and Cold Turkey in the Rookie Class, in DeLand.

Sebastian Tempest is the defending AAA Class champion of 2007 and will also try to defend the NSL Shugar Cup in November. FSC Wind Damaged was defeated at the NSL Championship 2007 by west coast teams Perris Jimani and Perris Momentum and will try again in November this year. New meet videos from the September meet in California will follow soon.

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