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Scores for Indoor Cloud League 14+ Chamber Meet on Feb 1st, 2021

Feb 1st, 2021
Rank February 14+ B,20,G,10 J,20,6 Q,K,9 Q,K,J M,P,G M,P Total
1 ICL Midwest  US  T14 21    24    33    14    20    21    133
2 iFLY Dallas  US  T14 14    16    14    11    19    23    97
3 Paraclete XP  US  T14 21    24    17    12    -    11 -2 85
4 iFLY Tampa  US  T14 -    13    11    11    11    11    57

News Associated With This Event

Did you know that XPG4's Brenn Richards was a new ICL player-coach for Paraclete XP in February?
posted: Mar 23rd, 2021 The month of February was very busy for the members of the Paraclete XP team delegation. The AZXP8, XP4 and XPG4 members and the whole Paraclete staff were engaged in the preparations for the Paraclete... (more)
Did you know that the Texas delegation had a very successful visit in North Carolina?
posted: Mar 16th, 2021 The NSL News mentioned with the last Indoor Cloud League update from iFLY Dallas on February 15th that ICL organizer Kyle Hermberg would be sporting two teams for the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021. The... (more)
Did you know that the three 8-way medal winners at Paraclete XP will be back in outdoor action very soon?
posted: Mar 6th, 2021 The aftermath of the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2021 continues with an update of the Indoor Cloud League activities. Not only the coaches of the Paraclete XP team managed to post ICL 2021 scores... (more)
Did you know that Florida's ICL team at iFLY Tampa has 2021 scores for two consecutive months?
posted: Feb 23rd, 2021 Florida's Indoor Cloud League team at iFLY Tampa had a restart this year, as the NSL News reported on February 1st. The ICL 2020 season had been just as challenging for the Florida teams and competitors... (more)